A Detailed Guide To Visiting Tarkwa Bay, Lagos

If you’re always indoors working like me, you’d understand that the beach is a good idea. 

When my school mother and I were planning this trip, the thought of leaving the house to go somewhere fun was exciting as I worked diligently waiting for Sunday.

Tarkwa Bay is a great option for lovers who want the tranquility and romance that comes with the beach. If you’re single, it’s also a perfect place for you to think about your life, enjoy the beach and have fun.

The Journey To Tarkwa Bay

There are two means of transportation to the Island. The ferry which is the cheapest and a speed boat which is kind of pricey, but it’s worth it. Because I’m my mother’s favorite child (even though she doesn’t like to admit that), I decided to go with the speed boat. The ferry didn’t seem like a good option for me. The journey to Tarkwa Bay using a speed boat is around 15-20 minutes and it costs N4000 per adult. The boat has an hourly schedule and the last boat leaves Tarkwa Bay by 6pm. It’s important to have this in mind except you’re planning on spending the night at Tarkwa Bay.

If you want to go with a speed boat, find your way to Fiki Marina which is located at Victoria Island (use your Google map). You’d take a boat from Fiki Marina to the Island. Wherever you are, find your way to Fiki Marina at Victoria Island.

The boat ride was bumpy, I remember having my life flash in front of me while the boat driver was using us to do stunts. Please dear, I just wanted to have fun, I didn’t tell you that I was tired of life yet.

The Beach

We finally got to the beach and unlike the normal beaches in Lagos on a weekend, it was kind of empty. I’m guessing most Lagosians still love their lives and are still scared of the new normal.

Entry Fee

We didn’t pay any entry fee at the beach. I have no idea if that’s still a thing there, but we did however pay for a Cabana which cost us N3000 after negotiating.

Food and Drinks

We got food from Sweet Sensation already so we didn’t buy anything at Tarkwa Bay, but it is possible to get food and drinks there. However, if you want to know my opinion, I think if you’re trying to save cost, you should bring your own food and drinks.

We had a great time at the beach. We ate in our cabana, listened to an elderly man who plays the guitar play a nice melody for us. Well, he played that to cheer me up as my phone fell into the water, lol. We took walks on the beach, we talked about a white man who had a boat with Mistress II written on it. We argued if the black lady on the boat with him was his Mistress II.

What I Think About Tarkwa Bay

There are a lot of kids on the Island. I don’t know if they live on the Island or they are hustling. They sell a lot of stuff, but my friends and I got Coconut from them and one Coconut cost N500. Keep that in mind if you want to have the sipping coconut vain picture, lol. I think it’s a fun place if you want to have a great day. The only reason I was restless at Tarkwa Bay was because my phone got damaged and nothing was wrong with the phone. How can a Brand Manager let her phone fall into the beach? Why didn't she fall into the beach by mistake with her phone? Maybe one day, I’d write about what really happened to my phone, but that day is not today. I had to get a new one though. Click here to watch the review of my new phone. Asides the phone incident, I had fun and I’m sure my friends had fun too.

What You Need To Know If You Plan To Visit

  • ·         Bring cash as the vendors do not accept card. There is a Paga outlet on the Island. So, if you need to get extra cash and all that, you can use them. The best option is to bring enough cash though.
  • ·         Bring your own food if you want to save cost.
  • ·         Keep your phone in a bag and zip the freaking bag except you want to go home without a phone. RIP to my Samsung Phone and my sunglasses.
  • ·         Go with some friends, but if you love solo trips, you can go alone and hopefully, you’d meet some friends there.
  • ·         You can bring your own speaker, it’s allowed.
  • ·         If you want to swim, come with your swimming wear.
  • ·         Charge your devices before visiting especially if you’re a content creator like me.
  • ·         If you want to save cost, use the ferry. If not, use the speed boat.
  • ·         Leave your house early enough for maximum enjoyment.
  • ·         Plan to visit when the weather is sane.

Would I be willing to visit Tarkwa Bay again?

I think so, but that would be after visiting the thousands of places in Lagos that I haven’t been too. I’m planning another trip soon, where do you think I’m going? Leave a comment below.


Have you ever visited Tarkwa Bay? If you have, did you have a good time?



  1. Lol. The humor in this post!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I love how very detailed it is. No, I haven’t visited before and now I can’t wait to.

    Where will she visit next? I don’t want to fail this oh. Freedom Park or Nike Art Gallery.

  2. You are right. I'm thinking Nike Art Gallery. Thanks for stopping by dear.


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