Little Known Ways To Save Money As A Freelancer

There is no job more unstable than the job of a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

You get so many jobs today and tomorrow; you are literally doing nothing, hoping and praying that another job finds you soon. A pandemic here or an angry client there can ruin everything you have worked for and makes you broke especially if you have no backup plan. I can totally relate to that as this has a huge impact on your finances. Your income is not stable so how exactly do you plan or even save?

In this article, I am going to be giving you 5 ways to save money as a freelancer to avoid being broke. 5 ways that have helped me stay sane and 5 ways that can help you too.

I don’t think anyone loves planning the way I do. I have an excel sheet and sticky notes for everything. There is a time to wake up, to eat, to work, to film for my YouTube channel, to upload video, to edit, to write 10k words and so on. Why a lot of people might complain that my life is quite boring this life of planning has helped me save money as a freelancer. I always have a list of what to do and because I plan, it is rare for me to do what I do not have on my list which includes spending money on unnecessary things. If you do not plan, I think you should start to do that.

 Track your expenses
While this is similar to planning, they are very different. There are a lot of apps that can be used to track your expenses so you can know how much you are spending and if it is really necessary. If you have $300 for movies, I believe it is time to cut that down. With an app like Budget Watch, this is covered.

Do not be blackmailed
If you are from an African home, it is quite easy to be blackmailed especially when you are earning. Your phone is ringing left and right with members of your nuclear and extended family calling to ask for money. I am not saying it is bad to give, of course, you should look out for members of your family, but do not do that at the detriment of yourself. Freelancing and entrepreneurship generally is a risky business and you cannot afford to be sending so much money home with little or no financial plan for yourself. What happens when you do not get clients anymore?

Spoil yourself, but not too much
You have worked hard and you need to spoil yourself, but do not spoil yourself so much. I recently uploaded a video on my channel where I talked about not squandering money expensive stuff as a freelancer because your next job is not guaranteed and that is the truth. I have shared a bunch of stuff about freelancing on my YouTube channel and I think it is quite helpful. Spoil yourself, but not too much.

Save with Fintech app
 One of the things I am grateful for is Fintech apps that help us save. Personally, I use Piggyvest and there are ways to go about this. You can choose the set up where a specific amount of money is deducted from your account daily, weekly or monthly. With that, you get to ensure that you have enough money to take care of yourself on rainy days. Piggyvest also allows you to invest by sending you legit investment opportunities. If you want to save via Piggyvest, you can use my link to register. 

Stay safe and have an amazing day.


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