How To Earn A Living Writing Romance Fiction In 2020

Romance fiction is the new oil!

If you doubt this, why do all the clients in the fiction category spend a lot of money trying to find a creative romance writer who knows the language of romance and can breathe their ideas into life?

Hey guys, it’s been a while. The plan was not to abandon my blog and chase money as the Igbo girl that I am. I planned to write here more often not just because my blog is monetized, but because I enjoy writing here. It is my space; I get to do whatever I want to do with it.

If you have missed me and you haven’t checked out my channel on YouTube, I am judging you. Now is the time to be the bigger person and make me happy. Click on this link to subscribe to my channel and make sure you are following me on Instagram too.

Now that we are settled, it’s time to serve the tea you all have been waiting for.

I have been asked countless times what I do for a living.

The gateman might be suspicious of seeing me around all the time. How is it that you do not go to work? How is it that you are always at home week to week? How come you can afford to buy stuff and I don’t see the 9-5 you have? I explained why I quit 9-5 here. That’s not what this is about. How do I explain what freelancing is all about to people who don't have any idea what it is about? I am a freelance writer and content strategist who creates content for brands and writes romance fiction for a living.

This post is not about content strategies, but I am a Brand Manager for a brand in California and I work remotely (I just thought I should brag a little as I have to pinch myself whenever I remember the job I do). Asides my role as a Brand Manager which I have to do 7 days in a week (thank God for content scheduling apps), I write romance fiction for a living, and surprisingly though, it gives me the most $.

I know you are probably waiting for the tea. You want to know how to get started so you can start making money too.

How to earn a living writing romance fiction

Read good romance authors
Unfortunately, the romance writers who top my list are not Nigerians.  I love Chimamanda though and I root for her characters like Obinze and Ifemelu. You can get started by reading romance authors like Nora Roberts, Fenn Michaels, Debbie Macomber, and a host of others. These women are my top choice when it has to do with romance fiction. You don’t have to like them; you can find a romance writer you can relate to and read their works.

You cannot write romance if you do not read romance.

Understand the genre and how it works
It is not romance if it doesn’t have a happy ending. It has to have a happy ending because it is a romantic comedy and you know all that ends well is a comedy. We have to root for the characters, the love story of the major characters must be relatable. You have to pay attention to detail and you have to understand the tropes so when a client hits you up with a particular trope, your creative juices start to flow. Oh, your intimate scenes have to be relatable.

If you are writing a kissing scene or you want to sprinkle a little erotica here and there, we have to picture it.

Fall in love with your story
The last romance I fiction I wrote for a client made me want to fall in love, I had to step back, lol. My client was rooting for the characters and I was too. Writing that story made me happy and if you do not feel this way when you are writing it, how do you want the readers to feel?

Love your computer
The faster you write the more money you make. I am not telling you to compromise your quality with speed. I am lucky to know how to write fast. Loving your computer entails you working hard to increase your pace because if you write 10k words in 1 month, you are not going to make anything. See how I write 10k words per day here. If writing slowly will help you get the best quality, then you should do that.

Choose quality over speed.

Write romance fiction
Whether you want to work with clients or you want to self-publish, you need to write romance. If you are working with clients, they would need to see a sample of what you have written. I started writing a new novel for myself and the first three chapters are what I use to get jobs from clients. Having a sample is essential if you want to make money writing romance in 2020.

Decide if you want to self-publish or write for clients
If you are self-publishing on Amazon, you have to pay to have your book formatted for Amazon kindle, you need a book cover too. Self-publishing might be expensive for a first-timer, but if you have the money and the skills to write that heart-warming romance, why not? If you cannot self-publish at this point because you need the money and you also want to love the story, you can join freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Peopleperhour and co to find the right client who you can work with.

I have a bunch of resources as regards getting started on those platforms, getting accepted, and finding clients on my YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe and don’t forget to engage in the comment section. I will be there to answer any questions you might have. Cheers to a new month!


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