This Is Why I Am Not Going Crazy During Lockdown

My Grammarly app just reminded me that I have not written anything in a while.

A lot of countries in the world have gone into lockdown to contain the novel coronavirus which has no respect for class or age. The virus has been spreading and as a result of that, countries are imposing a lockdown to contain it.

I have been at home for almost 3 weeks now and I am tired. Surprisingly though, the majority of people who know me do not think I am supposed to complain as regards the lockdown because to them, I am used to it. I work from home 70% of the time and the other 30%, I spend it in a coworking space. However, it is getting to me. I like to have the power of choice. The power to choose if I want to work from home or if I want to work from a coworking space to get the client’s job done faster. Sadly, that power has been taken away from me. I notice that a lot of people are struggling with getting it right, having a schedule.

One important thing to note is that there is no trophy attached to the most productive person during this lockdown. However, I am quite an organized person who works with schedules and if I am not on a schedule, if I do not have a list of things that I plan to do, that list might contain something like praying, exercising, then my day is as good as ruined.
This week has been quite an improvement for me and I am going to share with you guys how I have managed to get work done this period while on lockdown.

  • Planning: As stated earlier, I love schedules. I plan my day the day before using either my Samsung Note application or my note pad and it helps me stay productive the next day because before I sleep, I always look at the schedule to have it in mind. I stopped planning for a while and my life was just upside down. Even my Grammarly app sent me an email asking why I have not written a word in a week. As crazy as that sounded and as much as I understand that rest is important, living a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. Staying in bed all day is unhealthy, not taking a shower all day is not cool. Try to plan your day ahead. If your plan is to watch movies, eat, sleep, do nothing, have it in mind before you go to bed. That would help you do what you planned to do no matter how lame it is. As I said, the plan can be calling someone special, taking a walk in your compound, completing a series, it does not have to relate to your career growth. That way, when you feel tired, you would be happy that you did something no matter how trivial it might seem.
  • Exercising: I am the worst when it comes to exercising. I cannot exercise to save a life. I remember when I was interning in a bank during my undergraduate studies, we had this exercise thing which we do before lunch where we get to stretch and do some other indoor exercise which our instructor tells us to do. I was horrible at it and everyone was surprised because I am slim and I look flexible if there is anyone that should be flexible, that should be me. That was not the case anyway. You do not have to do a strenuous exercise. I love dancing and it is my way of exercising. So, when I dance, I notice that I feel better and more agile than when I spend days and weeks in bed doing nothing.

  • Cutting myself some slack: I currently have a project of 56k words, thanks to Chisimdi. On a normal day when everything is okay, I can write that eBook in 1 week or less, but what is normal about anything that is going on in our society today? What is normal about a lockdown? Nothing is actually great at this point. So, when I shut down my laptop, get an email from Grammarly reminding me that I have not written anything in a week or when I complete a whole season of a series on a day, I cut myself some slack. I do not beat myself up, I understand that everything is not supposed to go as planned and that is okay. I understand that doing something that is not related to work and that is not going to be beneficial to me career-wise and money-wise is not a bad thing this period. Knowing this has helped me put in the effort when I have made up my mind to get work done.
  • Watching Skits: God bless the founder of TikTok. A lot of people are getting creative and even if I am not part of them, I find myself consuming a lot of funny videos this period. I am reading less of the news because it does not bring good tidings anymore and I am watching a lot of skits especially those that have the guys on a suit who look dance with the coffin. That has to be the most hilarious of them all. Watching interesting skits puts me in a good mood generally. If I am in a good mood, I get done the right way.
  • Attaching a reward to projects: While this might not be a healthy way to thrive, it does not mean that we should write it off completely. When I make up my mind to get to work, I attach a reward to the project. It does not even have to be an edible reward. I have been watching Scandal recently and I am currently watching Season 6. The reward might be if I am able to write 5k words today, I will watch all the episodes of Scandal, season 6. I never allow myself to do less than the target that I have set. If I have to, then I have to do more not less. This works for me all the time. My brain is excited to function, my hand is swift on my keyboard because it knows that if I work hard on this target, there is a great reward waiting for me.
It is okay to do nothing this period, it is okay to lie down, sleep, eat, sleep, eat and repeat your routine again, but if you are someone who thrives when there is a plan or a pattern, if you are like me, this article is for you. this is how I am surviving in addition to washing my hands, staying at home and binge-watching Scandal. I have seen Self Made, Sex Education, Scandal is the third series I am binge-watching. If you have work to get to, if you are working from home and you do not know what to do with your life anymore, this is my gift to you this period. This will pass too, I am sure. If you want to share how you are managing with my readers, leave a comment down below.

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Stay safe.


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