5 Things Every Brand Owner Can Learn From Bobrisky

What can you learn from Bobrisky?

This might seem like a controversial topic as a lot of Nigerians are not tolerant. The phrase "live and let live" is something that they have selective amnesia when it has to do with a system or a person they do not support. Popular Nigeria crossdresser Bobrisky is a name that rings a bell in the ears of Nigeria and 50% of the time, it does not ring a good bell. Despite your personal feelings as regards Bobrisky, I believe that there are certain things you can learn as regards this Nigerian celebrity who has managed to keep her name on the lips of Nigerians for a very long time.

So, that brings us to the question, what exactly can we learn from Bobrisky?
  1. Consistency: If there is one person that is true to her personal brand, that person is Bobrisky. she was consistent with the image that she created for herself and she never changed it for one day. I noticed that most content creators get tired of creating content once they see that money is not forthcoming, they give up on the idea of building a brand. when Bobrisky started, of course, the money was not forthcoming, but it did not stop her from uploading videos that will annoy you. He kept doing it till we had no other choice, but to know her name. I know a couple of people who started blogs and even YouTube channels and they get tired immediately since they have not started earning in dollars like the posts or videos they watch. Please, learn how to be consistent. do your part and try to be consistent first of all before you move on.
  2. Do not pay attention to the haters: I find it weird even mentioning haters because I am one person who does not care about haters. I have other important things I have to do in my life and worrying about haters seems lame to me. I just believe my close friends should not spread my personal business. I mean, if I wanted the whole world to know about it, I should have posted it on social media. Anyway, that is not what I am talking about here. Bobrisky has a lot of people who are dealing with tolerance issues. They cannot stand her because she is a crossdresser and people do not know how to cope well with people like that even though they are not disrupting their space. What if Bobrisky listened to all the hate, the prophecies and the bad energy given to her by Nigerians, do you think she would have been the Bobrisky she knows today? The answer is no. Most of you cannot even cope with a bad comment on your social media page. you would want to go crazy because if it. I am not saying that people should leave hateful comments on your page, but you should understand that it is not enough reason to call it quits. There will always be bitter people in this world and it is important to understand that hate is a reflection of who they are not who you are.
  3. She knows how to be relevant: Have you ever wondered where Bobrisky is after not reading or watching any video of her in a while then all of a sudden, before you breathe in the fresh air, you see a post talking about something she said? Well, she knows how to be relevant. You do not need to be controversial to be relevant but look at your audience and the content you are creating. Try to ask yourself if you are still relevant to these people. They followed you for a reason. Most people follow Bobrisky because she is funny and she keeps dishing out things that will crack you up. Are people following you for the informative contents you churn out, are you still churning out informative content or should we put you in prayers? Try to be relevant and you do not need to be controversial to be relevant.
  4. Originality: When I started my YouTube channel I struggled to find my voice and my niche and when I did, I stayed true to it. My niche on YouTube is freelancing, travel, and lifestyle. So, the videos on my channel reflect this. As regards Bobrisky, she struggled a lot to find her place. Well, previously, she was a man, now she is a woman. She struggled to create an image for herself where she is known as a woman who is lit, wears makeup and talks in an accent that is a mixture of Afrikan, Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin English, and English. If you watch Bobrisky's videos, are you going to hear her speak in a funny accent? Of course, because she has embraced the image she craved for herself and she has stayed true to it. You do not have to be a crossdresser or speak in a funny accent to be original, but you have to create an image, a personal brand that when people think of you, the image you have created for yourself and for your brand would be all they would see.
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I hope you guys have learned a lot as regards Bobrisky? You do not have to build your personal brand the way she built hers, but you can make your personal brand better by working on some of the things I have written in this post. If you think there is something I am missing, let's talk in the comment section. Cheers!


  1. Insightful! Nigerians let emotions cloud their judgement.

  2. Welldone, well compiled piece. I'll look your yt channel up too. x

    1. I would really appreciate that, thank you.

  3. 5.1, if you use Glo network where I stay, it could take you 5minutes to subscribe.


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