5 Self-Care Tips For You While Social Distancing

As adults,

time is never on our side to do anything that does not have to do with making money. We have tight schedules that give us little or no time to take care of yourselves, but now we have some time on our hands. While we are so focused on our jobs which we are now doing from home, by the way, it is very important for us to take care of ourselves.

A lot of us feel that self-care requires a University degree, but it does not. In fact, it does not even take so much of our time. In this article, I am going to share some self-care tips that have helped me and I am sure it will help you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  • Take a walk around the house: I am sure people who love going to the gym so much cannot do that at this point. However, you can take a walk around your compound. Talking walks might not be what you see as an ideal exercise, but it is important for you to take walks around your house because staying indoors for a long time can drive you crazy.

  • When last did you try that skincare routine? When last did you put that facemask on your face? Asides the fact that being serious with your skincare routine helps your skin glow, it is also therapeutic and I believe you will feel better after doing that.

  •  Read a book: I can see you bought that romance, erotica, motivational or even inspiring book. Read a book. No, do not read a book that will tell you how hard the world is at the moment. Instead, read a book that would make you realize how amazing the world is or how great love is or would make you forget every crisis that is going on in the world today. Oh, if you decide to settle with fiction, settle for cheesy fiction not a novel about war and suffering. We are already experiencing a lot of that, now is not the time.
  • Pray: When all hope is lost, I pray. I have always believed prayer is an excellent self-care tip even though a lot of people might not agree with me, but I feel refreshed after talking to God in prayer and I believe it is not a bad idea for you to do same. If you are alone, talk to God like he is your friend. Talk to him like he is there with you and he can understand just how sad you are feeling at this point. trust me, you will feel better when you do it.
  • Call someone who is struggling: It might be a friend of yours who is out of a job due to this pandemic. Call him or her and make the person understand that you care. You can even send a text if you do not have a good feeling about calling. Looking out for someone other than myself is always a good self-care for me because I tend to feel better when I do that.
  •  I promised you 5, but what harm would a number 6 do? Bubble baths are highly recommended at the point. I do not know when last you had a bubble bath, but I am guessing it has been like 5 months. So, if this is your reality, think of how good bubble bath make you feel and get ready to make use of your bath bombs, bath salts and scented candles.
I hope this helps someone who is finding it difficult to breathe this period with all the anxiety and uncertainty in the air. If I helped you, leave a comment down below. Cheers!

Photo credit: FaithGateaway and MadameNoire.


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