10 Ways To Beat Quarantine Boredom

Yeah, I have been indoors

for the longest and I hope it will go away soon so we can get our lives back.

Hey guys, what is going on? How are you guys doing? I hope you are drinking water, washing your hands, staying at home and minding your business? Well, if you are still walking up and down, I believe now is not the time. There are people who lives you might be endangering with your carelessness. So, stay at home and if you have to go out which I do not think you have to, be cautious.

I noticed that a lot of people are bored. If you are struggling with being productive, I have an article for you. Click on this link. If you are bored in quarantine and you do not know what to do, this article is for you.

I was struggling with that recently and now, I am passing my time quite nicely with a little extra time for watching some Netflix series like Sex Education.

1. Declutter: Your house is a disaster and you are talking about being bored? You have watched too many YouTube videos and we are tired of you procrastination. Now is the time to declutter and make your space look like the space of an actual human being.

2. Read a book: Maeve Binchy is one of my favourite fiction authors because her wit is amazing. I picked up her WhiteThorn Woods and I am reading it for the 10th time. It does not even have to be Maeve Binchy or fiction. It can be one of the business books you haven't got time for or even a motivational book. Reading is therapeutic, not for everyone though, but read more and chat less.

3. Call your loved ones: If you are with your family at this point, that's amazing, but if you are not, call them. Thankfully, if you have internet, video calling is a good option. Call your friends too. Call your clients in regions really affected by this virus.

4. Play a game: My siblings and I play the naming game. I will attach the link here. It helps us bond and we feel refreshed after playing that game. It does not have to be our game, it can be any game of your choice. Games at this point help with bonding and it kills boredom.

5. See a movie or watch YouTube videos: This is a great time to binge watch that series or that YouTube channel. I am watching Sex Education. What are you watching? If you want to be a badass freelancer, you can watch my videos by clicking on the link here.

6. Take a course: There are a lot of resources on the internet and if you have been struggling to find the time to sharpen your skills by taking an online course, now is the time.

7. Record a TikTok video: Life is not that hard. People whom you least expect to make a video are doing that  and trust me, they are having such a great time. You should consider that.

8. Look at your 2020 to-do list and smile: Well, is there really anything to smile about at this point? Not really, but you are alive and even though this year did not start on a good note, try to be positive. We will get through this.

9. Go live on social media: With people like John Legend giving us concerts, I mean, what else can we ask for? If you want to connect more with friends and chat, go live. That way, you can answer questions and get to feel the presence of others even though you can't see them.

10. Try to be updated on social media: If the news about COVID19 is making you depressed, go to Twitter and check nonCOVID19 trends, check your favourite comedian’s handle to see what he or she is posting. That way, you can laugh from your heart and if it is for a second, you can forget about what is going on.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have more suggestions, I am open to them. Stay safe, wash your hands, get a hand sanitizer and stay indoor as much as you can. Bye for now. You can catch me on YouTube @Giftwogu. I hope you are subscribed anyway. Cheers!


  1. What we need in a time like this!

  2. I'm sure these will help, for some minutes or maybe hours. We really need a distraction from the scary news all over the net.

    Thanks Gift!😊


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