"Women Are Bad Drivers!"

He started screaming and...

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. It's been a minute, but since my domain name expires in March, it makes sense to write here before it expires and I renew it, right?

I am on a schedule as regards my YouTube channel, that's probably why I post there regularly. For my blog, I am the laziest blogger ever. Hopefully, I will be able to let go of that title during the first quarter of the year.

So, I was on my way to Ojukwu Bunker sometime last week and while I was trying to document my journey, my rough Keke Napep driver was exchanging words with a lady who was driving. "Stupid woman, I don't know why women are drivers. Dem no sabi drive anything. Make your husband collect the car from your hand." I was too pissed to be bothered and since we have planned to mind our business this year, the fact that he kept on talking to me and waiting for my feedback annoyed me. Please dear, are you looking for who will insult a woman with you?

Why are people always in a hurry to write women off especially as regards driving? If you want to exchange words with a female driver, do it with your chest. Do not generalize or even start to say things like "your husband should better collect that car from you." It only shows how ignorant you are because a lot of women drive cars that they bought with their own money.

I finally told him my mind with questions he could not answer. If women should stop driving because you feel they are horrible drivers, why is it that the majority of the accidents that occur have men as the drivers? Should they also ban them from driving? Should the wives collect cars from their reckless husbands? He had no answer, he just told me to go and get married before I can have a say. That's the answer to every question in Nigeria

I was thinking the gender bias would end with 2019. Clearly, I am too positive as regards this in Nigeria. Reckless driving has no gender.

Have you ever generalized as regards a particular gender? For instance, saying women are horrible drivers, men are scum or women are scum. Have you ever asked a reckless male driver why he is driving like a woman? Do you still have that mentality? If you no longer have that mentality, what changed that? Comment down below if you have any comment. Cheers!

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