My 5 Streams of Income: How I Make Money Using One Skill

"It is almost impossible to have multiple income streams with one skill..."

Hey guys, how have you been? It is Gift Wogu here and I am back with another post. I promised to be consistent here and post once in a week. Well, let's see how far I can get with that.

You guys already know that I have a YouTube channel except of course you are living under the rock. Anyway, if you are, I am ready to roll the stone away so you can come out and know what is happening.

On my channel, I uploaded a video where I talked about how I have 5 streams of income with just one skill. The video was not in any way to brag but to let you guys know that it is possible to have more than one stream of income with one skill.

I put this up on my channel and from some of the comments, it was clear that some people still didn't get it.

I am going to write a detailed explanation of my point of view here so you guys can read and have an idea as regards what I mean. I will make use of two careers in my analysis.

  • Accounting: Patricia Bright is my favourite YouTuber and not for her videos on beauty, but her videos on budgeting, how to save and other finance-related content. Although she is one of the biggest black beauty YouTubers, she never forgets her love for Accounting and teaching young people how to manage money. As an Accountant who has a 9-5, I believe you can try to create multiple streams of income from your skill in accounting and numbers. You can combine your 9-5 with a blog where you create informative content like teaching us how to budget with an excel spreadsheet, how to calculate with an excel spreadsheet and other accounting related contents. You can register on Fiverr as an Accountant and help clients with their accounting related issues, you can write an ebook on the part of accounting you are most familiar with, you can register as a tutor or you can even reach out to freelancers and business owners telling them to contact you for their financial needs. I am completely clueless as regards savings, thanks to Piggyvest that has been of immense help to me. I am always looking for content that has to do with saving and budgeting as a freelancer. Think of the gap that you can fill with that.

  • Fashion Designing: If you are a Fashion Designer, you can use your skill in fashion designing to expand your streams of income. You can do that by opening a fashion blog where you create content on fashion, how to combine clothes, how to combine colours, review products and so on. Another stream of income can be styling people or even close friends, you can ask them to tag you on their pictures. You can reach out to celebrities on social media. I have gotten writing jobs from doing that. Reach to them and offer to style their cast for free. You can sell an ebook online or even ghostwrite fashion articles for people.

There are a host of things that you can do with one skill and I hope you guys will put your skill into good use and monitize it from today.

Have you monitized your skill yet? What is keeping you? You should totally think of doing that, it is 2020 and I believe you can try to improve your streams of income because one source of income is never enough.

I willl be willing to read your streams of income post in the comment section and if you think it deserves its own post, I would definitely share my email address with you so you can share your inspiring journey.

To watch the video on my channel where I shared how I make a living with 5 streams of income, click here. I would be waiting for you in the comment section. Cheers!


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