How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Without A Lover

No bae? No problem?

Happy Valentine's day fam. If you are baeless, this post is for you. I cannot allow you to carry last or to buy a gift for yourself and lie to the world that your imaginary bae bought it for you.

This year's Valentine is all hyped up for some reason and if you are baeless or have a lover who is indifferent about Valentine, you might feel in a certain kind of way. I am here to show you how you can celebrate Valentine's day without a lover.

Being single is not a disease or a bad thing. I understand that it can get lonely, but it is important to note that it is a beautiful experience. It is lover's day, right and since you have no lover available, there is no need to beat yourself up or feel miserable when you can show yourself some love.

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Do your chores: Today is Friday and it is a working day. Think about how disorganised your house and how you have not washed your bathroom in a month. The last I checked, you have worn all your clean clothes too. Let me not find you on Instagram awwing please dear. Clean your house dear.

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Go to the spa: You know you have never visited a spa before and I have no idea why you have never done that. Please ma/sir, visit one this valentine so somebody can pamper you because deserve it too.

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Netflix and chill: I am glad that there are a lot of Nigerian movies on Netflix now. Since you refused to watch them at the cinema, you can watch them from home. Try not to watch romantic comedies for you own good. This is important so you do not ask God when?

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Pay for a room in a pricey hotel: If you do have the money to do this, a cheaper hotel is a good option. Take time away from home to breathe and have time for yourself because you totally deserve it.

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Plan for the new week: After Valentine, what next? Whether you like it or not, Monday will come. So, while you are having a good time and maybe asking God when, don't forget that Monday does not care that you are baeless. Plan ahead.

Have Valentine's day people. Let me know in the comment section how you plan to spend yours.

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  1. LMAO!!!!
    I am at work slaving for a company that weren't there when I was born. No sign of any Valentine's celebration here. It's all moving papers and clicks on keyboards...mtchew

    1. You can move your Valentine's day enjoyment to tomorrow o jare. Pele my dear.

  2. Is valentine the new yam festival?

    1. Lol, go and sleep jare. It is a beautiful day of love.


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