5 Side Hustles You Can Start In 2020

Are you looking to increase your income stream this year? 

I think everyone is, but the problem lies in doing something about it. It is easy to add having a good side hustle to your new year resolution, but how many people actually follow through? With the advent of the internet, it has become easier for one to have multiple income streams without having to do so much.

In this post, I am going to give you side hustle ideas that can help you reach your goal which is to have multiple income streams by the end of the year. The question now is what side hustles can you start in 2020 with little or no money that will make you extra bucks?

Dropshipping: I don’t think this is very popular in Nigeria, but in some other parts of the world, a lot of people make money via dropshipping. If you have no idea what this means, I would explain. You can meet the needs of an individual without having to go through the hassles of delivering and all that. For instance, if I want to start a business selling hair extensions, but I do not want to be involved in the delivery and purchasing the hair extensions, what do I do? I can simply create a website (online store) with pictures of the hair extensions I am interested in. When people place their orders, I go straight to the manufacturer or the wholesaler who then delivers the goods to their doorstep and I get my cut from there. For this business, you have to invest in a website and hosting. You also have to invest in marketing because marketing is an important part of any business especially if you want to make money online.

Write an eBook: Do you have knowledge that you feel a lot of people should know about? Is there something you strongly believe that people need to be aware of? You can write an ebook about anything. Trust me, I have written a bunch of ebooks for clients and you have no idea what people are interested in till you package your idea. You can self-publish which does not cost you a dime, but I would encourage you to pay for marketing so the platform can help promote your book.

Become a tutor: With platforms like Tuteria, you can actually sign up to teach pupils and students during the weekend or in the evening. There is no limit to what you can teach. You can help them prepare for important exams or just help them become better in a particular subject which you are very good at. I understand that you have to take an assessment to be a tutor on most tutoring platforms, but that’s just a little price to pay because it is for the greater good.

Become a virtual assistant: I do not think most Nigerians have an idea of how this works, but it is a thing and virtual assistants are in high demand. With the way the world is going, a lot of business owners have realized that you do not have to come to work every day to make an impact so they hire the services of a virtual assistant to help them get the work done form any part of the world. The virtual assistant helps with the emails, scheduling, online administrative functions and a bunch of work stuff. To find a virtual assistant job, you can register on a freelancing site like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. You can also check out opportunities for virtual assistant companies. Zirtual is a good idea for this.

Watch my video where I talked about other side hustles not listed here to have a more option as regards finding the right side hustle to help you increase your income streams and make money online in 2020.


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