My 2019 Review; Hello 2020!💃

Since it is still 2019 in my real country, 

I decided to do a review of my 2019. The truth is I planned to write this yesterday, but I did not save a project I was working on. So, I spent my day trying to write back the project that I didn’t save, that was after weeping.

2019 was an amazing year. In fact, it was my best year. It did not start on a good note, but it ended well so I am going to do a review of the year and since I have not uploaded here in a while, when is the best time if not now? I was inspired by Ada Nduka Oyom to do this. Trust me when I say that she inspired me a lot in 2019 without even knowing it.

I started the year waiting for the National Youth Service to be over because I hated my Place of Primary Assignment. It finally ended in March and I got a job the next week at a top commercial bank in Nigeria. After completing the documentation stage, I refused to go through with it. I just did not feel like it. My mum was not having it, but I had made up my mind. Little did I know that things were working around for my good. I went for so many interviews and refused to take some of the offers that I got because the pay was not favourable. I was earning well before the National Youth Service, why would I have the certificate and earn less?

In April, I started working remotely for Altgist a job Hope and Grace recommended me for as a Content Creator, I also discovered Fiverr, thanks to Chisimdi who told me about it. Two days after I discovered Fiverr, I got my first client who wanted a public relations campaign script. I was combining Fiverr and Altgist.

In May, I started my YouTube channel. I had always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I had one, but I was not consistent. I planned to be consistent on the channel and no single week went by without me uploading a video.

In June, I stopped working at Altgist and I decided to face Fiverr, but I got one order in the whole month and it was a kind of depressing month for me. I cried a lot in June thanks to my mum, my cousin Aunt Chinwe, my Uncle Chiajulam and my friends who listened to me when I was at the lowest point of my life. I began to job hunt again, but this time, I knew what I wanted.

In July, my Fiverr picked up again and things started to look up. I made good money in July, but I was still not sure being a fulltime freelancer was a good idea. I started writing per time for Zestmade and combining it with Fiverr.

August was my birth month and it was not such a great month like I claimed, but my life changed for the better in August. I had this problematic client who made me waste my time and made Fiverr cancel my order and they took down my gig. I cried throughout that time, it was difficult to do anything because I spent so much time working on that project and nothing made sense to me anymore. I remember sitting at home and crying on my birthday. I was talking to Uwe and I was not talking, I was weeping.

The change started in September. After the cancelled order, the next order was the biggest order that I have ever gotten on Fiverr. It was so massive that I could not even wrap my head around it. The orders were continuous that I knew I had to get someone to help me. I could not do it on my own.

I thought things will change in October, but it got even better. I had so many clients and lots of jobs that I had to outsource a couple of jobs. Also, I got a job in a multinational with a massive salary for starters, but I turned it down to do freelancing fulltime after going back and forth with the HR guy. Still, in October, I was told that my screenplay was nominated for the best screenplay category in the United Kingdom Nollywood Film Festival.

In November, I got the best client whom I now work for fulltime from today being the 1st of January and he is Italian. Since September, things got better. My writing career blossomed to the extent that I was turning down jobs and outsourcing so much work because I could not do it on my own. In November, I made up my mind that I was going to work remotely.

December was a good month for me too. I got another offer to work as the Editor for a brand I am passionate about and I will come on board as the Editor in February while combining my job with my Italian client and my side hustle which is writing for Zestmade. There are other things I achieved which I am not going to mention here, but I will do so when I feel like.

In 2019, I am glad that I was very vocal especially about human trafficking. I have a novel on human trafficking, but I was able to be actively involved in curbing this menace in Nigeria. I used this platform to publish stories on human trafficking and when I was invited by the foundation in the Benin Republic, I did not decline. I remember risking my life by 2 am on the streets of Janquer Masquein another country because of human trafficking. I am grateful to Blez for giving me that opportunity to do something good.

My novel on human trafficking which is recommended for students in secondary schools did well in 2019 and asides the money, the fact that the young people were able to learn about human trafficking made me happy.
As regards writing, I also became very active in the writing community. A lot of people introduced me to their friends and family members who can write to motivate them or tell them how to go about it. I am glad that I was able to share my knowledge as regards freelancing with people over the phone, via text and even via YouTube.

  • I got admitted to four universities in the United Kingdom, but I was not successful with the scholarship application so I did not go.
  • I was not able to stay off Instagram as much as I planned to.
  • I did not travel to the places I was supposed to travel to.

Vision 2020
The year 2020 is going to be an exciting year, I can feel it in my bones. I have a plan which I am working towards, but I won’t share it here. It is already a busy year for me because I have two fulltime jobs now and one per time job which I do remotely. I do not do 9-5 anymore, I work remotely.

I intend to travel more especially to African countries. I intend to visit some African countries starting in February. I intend to travel out of Africa too, but let me start with the African countries.

I intend to understand YouTube completely because I am still lost.

I might also have to hire an assistant. I do not think I can do all this on my own. I will be outsourcing more, but the process will be stricter.

There are so many goals I have written in my Samsung note app, but 2020 is going to be an amazing year for all of us. I can feel it in my bones. Happy new year blog readers. Cheers to more wins this year. How was your 2019? Was it amazing or like my brother would say Amazeballs? If it wasn’t, do not dwell on it. You win some, you lose some.

If you want me to write for you, kindly note that I do not think I can do it myself as I am tied up with work, but I have people who will do something good for you and if you do not mind, you can contact me via Just talk to me about your writing project and if I have the time, I can help especially when it is something short. Shoot me an email let’s talk. Public Relations campaign scripts, website contents, and every other thing. Since I am going to be sending out invoices from this month, I might as well be your Content Consultant even though I might not create the content for you.
Happy new year dear blog readers.


  1. It is well with you my dear.

  2. Happy New year love. Everything good will come!

  3. Happy New Year dearie! This year will be much better than the last!

  4. Welcome Oge. We are going to our real country soon.
    Amazing achievements you have got there. Now, let's build the 2020 castle.


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