I Wasted My Time Watching "Living in Bondage: Breaking Free" - Gift Wogu

I wasted my time at the cinema because...

My laptop and I have a romantic relationship. A kind of romantic relationship that is common in Nigeria where I am a gold-digger. The few times I spend away from my laptop, I calculate all the money I would have made if I dared to bring my laptop along. If you do not get the humour in this sentence, then you should take a drop of honey as I cannot help you explain what it is about.

Nobody tells you how lonely working from home can be. I mean, it is great to say you write for a foreign company and you work remotely, but your social life is zero and when you finally find the time to go out, you bellyache about it for a week or more. "Oh, my god, the traffic is terrible! How are the drivers so rude? What is LASTMA about?" All of a sudden, you forget that you live in Lagos and ask yourself why you cannot relate to everything going on in society. I love working from home, but it has its many disadvantages, you do not go out and that can make you enjoy your company and detest going to any other place. I have cancelled my appointment with my hairdresser thrice because I didn't see the need to make my hair. I mean, why spend so much purchasing hair extensions and hours braiding my hair when I can stay at home to write 5k words or even more.

However, I decided that I was tired of being indoors and I planned to see one movie every month just to help me go out. If I have cancelled an appointment with you, I am sorry my love for choosing work and rest over you. Last month, I watched Omoni Oboli's Love is War and this month after spending time on social media to read reviews, I decided that I was going to see Living in Bondage: Breaking Free.

I didn't watch the first part, but 27 years later, my mum is still talking about it. I do not think she has a good taste as regards movies because she is always dragging me to the sitting room to watch African Magic Epic and I can't stand some of the things they do there, but since I read good reviews, I decided to give it a try.

On Monday, I thought I was going to complete the 25k words job that I had before I head to the cinema, but that was not possible. I took a quick shower and headed for Ozone cinema. I have a long history of arriving at the cinema late, but I was 30 minutes early (I am guessing this is where you clap). I spent the time doing my research for the job I left at home and I went into the cinema with zero expectations. I was not very impressed with the trailer and the new guy Nnamdi who was the lead character didn't blow my mind in the trailer.  

I tend to work a lot and since I was going grocery shopping after the movie (there is a grocery store at the mall), bringing my laptop with me while I waited for the movie was a silly idea. I had my pen and jotter with me so I wrote down my points as regards the project I was working on. The movie was for 2:30 pm and when it was time, I got into Hall 6 with my zero expectations clinging to me like its life depended on me. 

I wasted my time at the cinema because I couldn't get over the new actor Nnamdi which was played by Swanky JKA. How I was seeing him the first time in a movie was beyond me. I mean, I am pro-Nollywood. I only visit the cinema to see Nollywood movies and as a writer who spends all her time including weekends in front of her computer and who was regretting not bringing her computer with her to work while she waited for the movie, I completely wasted my time talking about Nnamdi for the rest of the day and I did not get any work done after watching the movie. I couldn't even film my review or complete my job of the day.

I wasted my time because I didn't think I will be so happy seeing old actors like Bob Manuel, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Kenneth Okonkwo and others in a movie, but I did and watching them together made me remember old times, old Nollywood and how the industry has grown. So, Instead of facing the job that I am paid to do which is writing, I spent the whole day talking about the old actors, Nollywood now and how the industry has evolved.

I wasted my time because I wasn't feeling the trailer so I thought I would just see the movie and move on with my life. News flash, it has been 4 days and I haven't gotten over it. I still think about it and smile because the effort the cast and crew put in to make the movie spectacular was amazing. I still didn't get the work done. I spent the whole of Monday after the movie thinking about it, talking about it and I even had to call my mum to talk about it.

I wasted my time because while a client was in my inbox for an author agreement, I went to the bathroom in Ozone to look at the mirror and smile to myself. As a pro-Nollywood queen who only spends her money at the cinema to support Nigerian movies, I was glad that this N2000 which even covered popcorn and Fanta was well spent.

I wasted my time, but I do not regret wasting my time. Ramsey Nouah's directorial debut deserves an A+, the casting director deserves a full day at a high-end spa which someone who is not me will pay for. I mean, who would have nailed the Nnamdi's part if not Swanky JKA? Who else would have been perfect for Kelly if not Munachi Abii or who would be the fancy billionaire who doubles as the head of the cult if not Ramsey Nouah? To say I am impressed is an understatement. I do not usually use the word blown-away, I think it is overused, but I am going to use it now and in capital letters. I was BLOWN- AWAY and it takes the grace of God to blow me away with the kind of stuff people are churning out these days in the name of movies, do not blame me for being stingy with my kind words. The use of Igbo (they interpreted it, but I didn't need that), the relatable scene of a graduate young and energetic, but life does not care about your energy, the use of the scene at the park in the East. Almost every Easterner can relate to that. Did I forget to mention the soundtrack and the choice of music in the film and how it relates to the mood? I felt so many things. I felt butterflies, I felt my chest tight, I was scared to my bone marrow at some point, I was happy, I laughed, I almost cried, mention any feeling that I haven't mentioned here. 

The entire cast and crew of Living in Bondage: Breaking Free should look at themselves in the mirror and beat their chest. They should give themselves a little self-care because they did well. They made a brilliant movie, they made people reminisce about the industry and how far it has gone and they brought back childhood memories. 

What are you doing this weekend? It costs N2000 to visit the cinema. Go and see this movie and tell me what you think. If you have seen it, let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you want to watch the review I filmed, click on this link. Make sure you subscribe after watching. It costs nothing. Cheers and I hope I keep writing here. My job is very tasking.


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