Nigerians, Is It Pay Back Time For South Africa?

‘We are boycotting MTN, Multichoice, Stanbic IBTC ad every other South African brand in Nigeria.’

The news about xenophobia is exhausting. Exhausting in the sense that this has been going on for years: people are dying. How exactly are you even comfortable killing your kind? Are we not one Africa anymore? What do you want to gain by killing people? Why are you accusing them of taking the jobs you are not even qualified for? I said what I said. If you have a degree and the experience needed for the job you are accusing your fellow Africans of stealing from you, why are they not hiring you yet? Why are they hiring foreigners and not you?

I feel this xenophobic attack is carried out by lazy and disgruntled youths in South Africa who instead of looking for a way to make ends meet are just not interested in working and are quick to blame foreigners for their stupidity.

If you have a proper job to go to, I do not think you will be on the street fighting an already lost battle. You should be at work. Don’t even get me started with the girls and women who are being raped. Nelson Mandela will probably be turning in his grave now.

Nigerians are the most accommodating set of individuals. We have foreigners who live, and breath here and never for once have we fought them. There are a who lot of South African companies here in Nigeria; MTN, Multichoice, Stanbic IBTC Bank and more. Think of the millions of Nigerians who vote for the Big Brother Naija and how much Multichoice is going to make from that alone yet our people are killed in their own country. What about MTN? Almost every Nigerian uses MTN. The last I checked; these companies are running their businesses peacefully here in Nigeria. The South African government should do better to protect Nigerian citizens who are contributing to their economy.

This silence from them and misplaced anger on the part of the unenlightened South Africans will take us nowhere. For everyone saying people should come back to Nigeria, I do not understand. What is bad in people leaving their country to find a better way to take care of their families?

The Nigerian government can do better to protect Nigerians in South Africa. They can’t allow South African businesses to thrive here, and our people in South Africa are scared of their lives. I have a lot to write as regards this, but I will stop here.


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