Can You Tell Your Family Members How Much You Earn?

Let's talk money, guys!

Hello dear beautiful people, how are you doing today? It's your favourite girl, Gift Wogu, and It's been a while since you guys heard from me via this platform. Anyway, I have a YouTube channel now and if you haven't subscribed, take 5 seconds from your very tight schedule to do that.

So, I haven't posted here in a while because I have been busy, swamped. I have minimal time this Sunday afternoon or evening, and I decided to schedule some posts for my blog. How ironic is it that I am so busy writing for others and I can't even squeeze out time to write for myself and my blog?

That aside, as I stated earlier, we are talking money. I have a relationship with my mum, a good relationship. I tell her everything, especially money matters. I tell her everything, including the amount of money I make per order on Fiverr.

I know that this might not be good, but I grew up alone with my mum for sometime before things changed and we still have a good relationship till now.

I have always wanted to talk about this topic so I put it up on my WhatsApp story and I got a lot of replies.

Most people do not tell their family members how much they earn because they do not want to be called all the time when a need arises. I know there is a sad part as regards telling your family members how much you earn. You might not be able to save or do stuff for yourself. Your money will be budgeted for you and others. Also, when any need arises, you are the go-to person, and you cannot say you do not have the money as they will think you are just stingy forgetting that you have your expenses. I do not think anyone is ready to listen to your saving money story.

I think it depends on the kind of family you have. You will know if your family is needy and if it is the right thing to make the amount of money you earn known to them.

I read a post on SDK blog where a blog reader was talking about his sister's earning. According to him, she claims she makes 50k, but her account balance does not agree with that. He mistakenly saw her account balance, and he was surprised. I feel she earns more than 50k, but she lied to her family so they won't drain my savings.

Guys, can you tell your family members how much you earn? If you can't, why? Leave a comment down below and have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Yeah, Like you said, it depends on the type of family you have. I can tell my nuclear family members only, how much I earn, but they have to keep that confidential & solely within the family.


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