Can A Black Person Be Racist?

Last week,

I read the most depressing comment section on Instagram, and I just understood that a lot of people are bitter and they need to take several glasses of undiluted honey because the hate is real.

I have read a lot about racism (I read a lot actually) and racism generally. I decided to write this article because of what I read on Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi’s comment section. She got married to a white man, and as a pregnant woman, she possessed the energy I do not have when I am on my period. My period makes me tired of everything. I want to be in bed, cry, eat nothing and think about why this period is essential and what I can do (asides pregnancy) to stop seeing my period as the mood swings, pain, and loss of appetite that comes with it is what even drugs cannot take away. So, when I saw Korra dancing happily with so much energy when she was nine months heavy, I looked at myself and shook my head.

Back to our topic at hand, On the 4th of July, kora who got married to a white guy who is an American posted a picture and a video of her dancing while scantily clad with the American flag. Read her caption below.

The comments, especially the ones from some African-Americans, were very evil! I used the word evil because that is the only reasonable word to describe the length in which people go. How do you guys who leave hate comment under someone’s post sleep at night? How? You craft the comment in your head, you believe it is good, and you write it and post it? You feel okay calling another person a devil because of his or her skin colour, but you are quick to call another person a racist because of the same reason? I am not in any way justifying racism; I am just worried that people find it thrilling to put up such hateful comments on people’s posts. These people are human beings, and even though they might be celebrities, they can still feel pain. People commit suicide because of hate comments, you know. So, why you think you are string, know that someone else isn’t.

Honestly, if I have a company, I do not think you will cross my mind as a prospective employee if I find one hate comment on someone’s post that you left there intentionally.

On the post I was talking about, SOME African Americans insulted her, her hubby and her child. They called her hubby a devil, and one of them said Korra’s hair is like a pregnant slave. They hate on her because of her personal experience in the United States and because she got married to a white. Is this enough reason to call her husband a devil? Is this enough reason to say something as wicked as ‘I won’t be surprised if she ends up in a dumpster with her organs missing soon?’ Isn’t his racist?

In all the articles I have read, I still have not seen any article that talks about black people as racists, but what is the term for the hate some of these people are giving her? Can someone please educate me? So, can black people be racists? I have not concluded, but let me know your thoughts down below.

If you are in the business of leaving hate comments and your lame defense is ‘you are in the media, you are in the spotlight, you should get used to that by now,’ desist from that. It is not fair. Spread love guys, not hate — cheers to the freaking weekend!


  1. Don't be surprised, Black Americans, (yes they are not African Americans, because they will always reject the notion of being African), are very racist.
    They inherited the hatred of the Whites from their forefathers, and want us Africans to hate them as well. Not knowing that we have more problem with our black leaders, who we dedicate our hatred to.

    1. Lol @ who we dedicate our hatred to our leaders. Not all of them leave hate comments though. Maybe a good number of them.

  2. Jisike....
    This is really educative...


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