My Wife Left Me Because I Have AIDS

Thank you for an opportunity to share my story.

 My name is ***, I am a member of the Nigerian Police Force. Many years ago, I was among the officers stationed at Liberia and for the past 8 years, I have been living with the virus.

My stay in Liberia was shortened when they found out that I have AIDS. My wife left with my kids and life has been difficult for me. I registered in a free health care programme to be receiving the ARVs, but the truth is life has not remained the same.

Please, help me tell young people to be careful; living with the virus is not a sweet life. Selling their precious body and getting all sorts of disease in return. Tomorrow, they will look for who to marry, have kids, after they might have ruined their system. I learnt my lesson the hard way not by other people’s experiences. One needs to be very careful.

I am tempted to leave a comment about this post. I get what he is trying to say, but the advice about sleeping around should go in both ways. The fact that he mentioned nothing about the guys who sleep around, but mentions women and go on to even bring marriage and children tires me. I mean, are the ladies sleeping with themselves? In summary, HIV/ AIDS is not the end of the world. The patients deserve love and not discrimination from you all. This is 2019 not 1902.

Also, this might be my last post for this series. I will check my inbox to find more, but i doubt and Blez my friend is relocating. However, the both of us are still going to be very involved in our acticism.

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