5 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Social Media Influencer For Your Brand

How can you have a real estate company and you are choosing an influencer who has followers from 18-24 years?

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I know I have been MIA here. That’s because I have been trying to grow my one-month-old YouTube channel and I am almost at 200 subscribers, which is a big deal if you are a small creator, you know how hard it is. This post is not about my YouTube journey. You can search for Giftwogu on YouTube and subscribe if you want to watch my videos.

Two weeks ago, I wrote an influencer marketing article for a client of mine on Fiverr who owns a real estate company in the United States and watching one of Dimma Umeh video on Influencer marketing; I decided to write this article.

I have a little knowledge of Public Relations, and I have decided to share what I know with you guys so if you have a business or you intend to have one you should read this article.

What is influencer marketing?
It is the use of a social media user who has a lot of followers on social media to project your brand to the public or to get people interested in your brand.

What is the advantage of using an influencer or including an influencer in your marketing plan?
The advantage of using an influencer in your marketing plan is to reach out to the targeted audience and sell your product.

Factors to consider when choosing an influencer for your brand.
  • Age Range: How can you have a real estate company and you are choosing an influencer who has followers from 18-24 years? This is not to say that social media users that are from 18-24 cannot afford to patronize you. I am trying to say they are not exactly your target market. Look for an influencer who has an audience that involves your target market.
  • Brand Relation: Do not use an influencer whose image does not align with your brand. For instance, how can you be promoting a beauty brand and instead of looking for a beauty vlogger or blogger, you are using a celebrity with an audience that doesn’t give a cent about your brand? The goal of every business is to make sales, and if that is not your goal, you have no business being in business.
  • Location: If for instance, you are a Nigerian brand and Nigeria is your target market, who told you it is an excellent idea to use an influencer who has a lot of followers in the abroad? This is not to say that it is bad to have followers from abroad., but make sure your influencer’s audience will patronize you.

  •  Engagement: it is possible to have lots of followers on social media and zero commitment. So, when choosing an influencer, make sure he/has a lot of engagement on his/her page.
  • Invest In Campaigns That Will Speak To Everyone. This one is from Dimma Umeh. I learned it after watching one of her videos on YouTube. Try to carry everyone along in your campaign, especially when you are having a launch party. Do not just invite people or celebrities who have nothing to offer your brand just because you want to have a star-studded launch party. For instance, you are a beauty brand, and you are inviting male celebrities to your launch without beauty bloggers or vloggers, are you sure you want to make sales? It doesn’t work like that. Or, if you are a natural hair brand, why are you using an influencer who has relaxed hair? If you are a brand like Mega Growth, you have no business at all with an influencer who is on natural hair. Choose your influencer wisely
  • Bonus Tip: Use the right social media platforms for your marketing, though. If your brand is focused on the older adults, you should look for influencers older adults love on Facebook and not on Instagram.
This article is all over the place, but I just decided to put it out there because I was inspired. I won’t share the article I wrote for my client on Fiverr because it doesn’t belong to me anymore. I hope you have learned a thing or two from my post.

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  1. This is very useful information. I really loved this part, "...if that is not your goal, you have no business being in business."

  2. Very important piece of information. Nice one dear😘


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