Stop Calling My Husband!

I met Mr. KC on my way to Diamond bank as a student at the University of Nigeria. I was on my way back to my room with my friend. He stopped us, and we got talking. My friend (let's call her Oluchi) knew him.

Mr. KC and I exchanged numbers, and our friendship started to grow little by little. He started expressing his love for me through Oluchi. He told Oluchi that he likes me, and he wants us to date; Oluchi passed the message across to me. Because of my previous experiences with married men, I had to ask Oluchi if the guy was married and she said he wasn't. He didn't look married or smell married, so I decided to oblige his request. We started our relationship.

He spoilt me silly, bought me expensive gifts, called me, and I was transported. One day, he even came to my room and school and gave my roommates money. They started telling me that he is the one, and I should take the relationship seriously. I listened to them, this guy credits my account anyhow, and you know how it is for students. I was in love.

One night, I called him, and someone picked up the phone; it was a female voice. My heart was beating fast. She went on to hurl insults at me; there is nothing she didn't call me that night. I wanted to know the meaning of all these. Like, you don't know me from Adam, and you think you can start insulting me? She said she is married and she doesn't want to see my calls on her husband's phone again.

The next day, I called him to tell him what happened, and he lied. He even swore that the girl wants to marry him by all means. He said she came to his house that night with food and that I should ignore any message from her. I stupidly believed him. The same girl called me with her number again, still calling me out and warning me to stay away from her husband.

I decided to do my research on Facebook. I saw so many accounts bearing his name with different photos. I took my time to go through the profiles. That was when I discovered that he is married with two kids.

I called him and confronted him. That was the end of our relationship.

Wow! This one is deep. Thank God he didn't go and see your parents. Most of them are something else. Guys, why do you think married men lie about their relationship status? Leave your comments in the comment section.  If you have a story like this, please, send it to Have a wonderful week ahead.


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