My Parents Are Ruining My Life!

My house is not home at all...

 I have three siblings, and I am the eldest, but my parents are ruing our lives; they have been a thorn in my flesh.

I grew up in a complicated and messed up family. It is safe to say that I am from a broken home.  This whole problem started in 2017 when my mum found out that my dad was cheating. I have never really been comfortable to let people know what I have been through. My parents have sucked the life from us; they have made us fragile and scared of so many things. We are estranged from a lot of people.

My parents are still together, but their union is doing more harm than good to us. They are deceiving their selves that they love each other. I have contemplated suicide at some point. Their marital issues were a battle back and forth. It affects me the more as I am the eldest or maybe I love the idea of having a close-knit family. It has never been a pleasant experience; my house is not anything close to home at all.

One time, my mum found the money my siblings, and I are saving and accused us of stealing from her. I am over 20, a graduate for that matter, but my parents still beat me like a thief. About the saving money thing, I fainted, and they beat me up to revive me. I grew up wishing I am from another family. My siblings have lost hope in my parents long ago. They stopped confiding in them. As the first child, I started writing letters to my parents, trying to talk to them, but they called me disrespectful and used the things in my letters against me. 

They accused my brother of rape, they accused me of prostitution, they forced my younger sister to study a course she hates with a passion. My mum has been taking from one church to another for deliverance. She burns candles with our pictures beside it. She no longer communicates with my dad’s siblings because according to her and the churches, they are diabolic and they made my dad cheat on her. My dad has been a cheat since as far as I am concerned, and she has been an amateur lover too blind to see that; trying to blame and take out her frustrations on any available person.

As an undergraduate, I was always falling sick. My mum took it spiritually. She said I have a spiritual husband; I don’t even believe in all that. She took me to a church where they asked me to kneel on the German floor. The pastor pushed me and was blowing whatever in my ears. When I didn’t conform, he said I had the spirit of arrogance and the demons have dominated me. I don’t want to talk about life in school; it was horrible. My parents continuously compare us with others forgetting to check what they are getting, and others are getting right

I have been abandoned in school without a dime while my mum adds a new car to the three, she already has. My family has fallen apart; my dad’s promiscuity turned my mum into a monster. She was not that nice before, but now, it is worse, she is always angry, bitter, frustrated. I am officially from a broken home. I want to run away from this house, but I don’t know where to go.
My sister and I have reached out to an NGO that deals with stuff like this, but they haven’t replied. I even reached out to NAPTIP, but the man sounded like my siblings, and I are the course of everything we are going through. I don’t know what to do.

This is a story of one of my blog readers, she is my friend too. I didn’t know she was going through all this. I knew she had strict parents, but that was it. When she opened up to me, I just couldn’t. I summarized it; it was too demoralizing and long. I have never been in this situation before as my mum, and I have a good relationship. What do you guys think she can do? She will be waiting in the comment section.


  1. Hi poster, For me I believe my answer is LOVE. See it's not going to be easy but you have to try. I have dealt with difficult people like this before. I believe you should pray for the grace to love her and she should love you. Pray about having influence over her.
    I have done it a couple of times. It works.

    As a graduate, do you have a job? Can you get one even if it's freelancing? Can you leave the house and stay somewhere else for a while?

    These are my suggestions

    1. Thank you Debby. I think her mum needs help. If the marriage is not working, leave. There is no medal attached to be in an unhappy marriage and frustration g everyone around you. Also, there is really nowhere for here to go to at the moment. No excuse to leave the house.

  2. Most times, our parents, especially mothers, can be over controlling. What she needs is to get a job and be getting her own money, so as not to depend on her parents for anything.

    P.s; Don't ever consider Suicide again o. It's simply double wahala for dead body...

  3. This is a wawu case, truly Nollywood style. Hang on, get more dough and move out


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