7 Reasons You Should Visit Dubai

'The moment you land...'
Hey guys, how are you doing today? It's a public holiday and I hope you are having fun. There is no rest for a writer anyway. I still have 1 or 2 projects to be done with, but my blog is first.

My well-travelled Uncle Sam was in Dubai 2 weeks ago and I made him promise to send an article on his experience for the blog. I was in the Benin Republic then, but I told him I was going to upload today and he delivered! If you been in Nigeria for quite some time, travelling will open your mind. Don't live a boring life, save and explore the world.

He gave us 7 reasons we should visit Dubai. I am going to work harder, write more and save so I can visit. You should do that too.

Dubai is a Shopper’s Paradise
If you want to shop or window shop, Dubai is the go-to place. It feeds your eyes and your brain with beautiful and not so expensive things trust me. They are beautiful but affordable. I stumbled on some shops that they call 1-10. In other words, everything sold in that shop is between 1 Dirham to 10 Dirham. Which is from #100 to #1,000; that is everything sold in the store. If you are the type that likes to impress all the young chaps in your local government and village for Christmas period, ngwanu nwanne, visit Dubai e je zi nu 1-10. With #20,000, they will make you Chief, lol. You can buy wristwatches for all and maama and tell them that you got it from Dubai and before you know it, they will make you Eze gburugburu 1 of Dubai.

Dubai has beautiful sites and sceneries
You can take a trip to the Emirates. There is the Golden Mosque that you can visit, but you might have to drive all the way down or ride by bus. It’s about an hour and a half. It’s located at Abu Dhabi. The mosque is made of gold, it is beautiful and you will love it. In Abu Dhabi, we have the Emirate Towers; it is a beautiful hotel. The largest library in the world is located in Abu Dhabi. You can visit the Emirates Palace.
The suka is a gigantic mall but is more like a place where the old settlement was in Dubai. That is to say, how Dubai was before they built the new Dubai. You can still see the boats, the merchant ships (they still dock at the harbor of the Suka). At the suka, you can buy gold, pure gold. It has been a central area of trade according to them. At every point in time at that harbor, you can have approximately 10 tons of gold.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. If you want to enjoy the Burj Khalifa, go there in the evening. It is in the evening that you get to enjoy it and you see the power of lights. It is twice the height to the New York Empire State Building, it is almost 2,700 ft. It has about 163 floors. At the base of it, there are several restaurants. In fact, I had the opportunity of eating my favourite KFC. There are several other intercontinental restaurants and eateries. There is also the dancing fountain, it is powered with over 6,500 lights, it expands over 1,000 ft wide, it shoots water over 500 ft into the air just parallel to the Burj Khalifa. At night, in the midst of music from all over the globe, you can feel some resonance. As the music is played, the fountain is dancing with lights beaming high in the sky. At every point in time from morning till night, there is always a crowd hanging around to just look at the dancing fountain. You need to be there! The guys who built the fountain in Las Vegas were brought in to build the dancing fountain, you do not want to miss that.  So, no matter happens to you, make sure you visit the Burj Khalifa. It is connected to the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. In the mall, we have an underground fish tank, there is also a beautiful Ferrari stand. It is the only Ferrari stand in the entire Arab nation.

The Palm Island which is the largest artificial Island ever built by man is another beautiful site. It houses multi-million-dollar mega mansions and a lot of celebrities all over the world have properties there. It hosts some 5-star luxurious hotels including the popular iconic Atlantis the Palm. Atlantis the Palm is a site of its own. This hotel has its own fleet of Rolls Royce for its guest, it also has a private helipad. Almost every hotel in Dubai is bam because they depend on tourism, they spend well.

The airport is another amazing site. The moment you land at the Dubai International Airport, you will thank God you left Nigeria to visit in the first place. You will always be grateful that you didn’t come to this life and die without visiting that airport. It says ‘Welcome to the paradise of the Middle East’.

You don’t need too many protocols to get a visa
The main thing is being able to pay for the duration of your visa. For example, a visa for 2 weeks which is basically enough for a quick stop over should cost you between #40,000 to #42,000 which is about 4,000 Dirham. With that, you can get a reliable agent who will help you get your visa from the United Arab Emirate Consulate and you can get your visa sent to you via mail. You just need a photocopy of the data page of your passport and a passport-sized photograph with the white background.

It's not expensive to get a flight
If you are determined and hardworking, this should not be a problem. You can save up for your trip. Ticket fare with good planning if you book your ticket early enough should be about #180,000-#200,000 that is to and fro.

It is easy to move around
Once you arrive you can get a travel card which allows you to get on the metro or on a bus. All you have to do is to load some money on your travel card. The travel card cost 25 Dirham and you can load a 100 Dirham (10,000 Naira). If you load a 100 Dirham on your card, it should be able to take you around from point to point.
There are nice and affordable hotels
With as little as 180 Dirham per night, you can get a nice and comfortable hotel which is a 3- or 4-star hotel. Compared to Lagos, Nigeria, that can be about 7 or 8-star. However, it is good to know that there are laws in the UAE. So, before you lodge, it is important to find out the laws that govern the hotel. There are some hotels that once you check in, nobody cannot come to visit you, your visitor cannot get past the reception. Going to Dubai with good planning, with 350,00 Naira -400,000 Naira, you should be able to have an amazing time and do some minimal shopping
It is an international and multinational society
You will find people from every continent in Dubai, everywhere. There are some streets that you will hear your Nigerian brothers especially the Igbo people speaking their language and it will feel like you are in Idumota. You get to network there too.

There are varieties of food
If you love food, Dubai is the go-to place. There are a lot of intercontinental restaurants, everything you are looking for is in Dubai. There is food from every part of the world.

You can have better dreams
Travelling opens your mind. If you are a Nigerian that has never left Nigeria, you should plan to. Work really hard and try to travel, there are two sides to this. Let someone not come and live and die in Nigeria without even stepping out. You need to see life at its best. Dubai is a city in the middle of the desert, they do not have water, but they have a lot of fountains, water canals, beaches and all created by man. They brought in water.

Dubai is the hub of all skyscrapers
Everything in Dubai is a skyscraper. I was in a hotel and I was on the 15th floor. My room had a beach view. When I got back to Nigeria, everything was just so somehow. I had to get used to the fact that I am back.

Gift Wogu: If you read my bucket list destinations, you will find out that Dubai is on that list. This post made me decide to work extra hard so I can take my mum to Dubai because she deserves it. Are you still having doubts about visiting Dubai? Please, start preparing for your trip now.

Thank you so much, Uncle Sam, for giving us this very elaborate post, I am overwhelmed and I really cannot wait to visit Dubai. Dear Nigerian government, what are you waiting for? Most of you make noise because of one pedestrian bridge that you managed to erect in the whole state. I don’t think we are ready for development in Nigeria anyway because if we are, there is no way a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will go on national TV to say having electric cars is not okay as it will make our crude oil sale go down. I guess that’s also the reason we do not have constant electricity because if we do, the crude oil sale will go down. So, we have to fuel our generators and all. Funny how we provide electricity to other countries yet, we do not even have constant electricity here. I am exhausted people, talking about Nigeria tires me. I am mentally out of here.

Happy holidays everyone and thanks once again, Uncle Sam.


  1. Wow! This post is very rich. If I was having doubts before, I'm definitely convinced I have to visit the, 'paradise of the Middle East'.

  2. Wow very insightful. I never knew it was this cheap to visit Dubai. Thanks for the info gift 😘😘

  3. Well I still wouldn't go there

  4. You are right! Hard work & good savings will ensure that I visit Dubai in a couple of months. I might as well apply for a Dubai Visa to clear all the formalities & explore Dubai with my lovely wife.

  5. I have read a lot many blogs but this is the first one I have came across that tells us the reasons to visit Dubai. I am pleased by reading this blog and I have made my mind to visit Burj Khalifa in Dubai this time whenever I will travel to Dubai.

  6. all the reasons mentioned here in the blog to visit Dubai are one better than the other. It has made me very excited because I have already planned a trip to Dubai. I am just impatiently waiting for my Dubai visa, so that I can plan my travel and enjoy the most during my trip.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and make sure you have a great time when you are there.

  7. Such a grate post. Its helping me a lot. Keep it up guys........

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