7 Destinations On My Bucket List

My bucket list is filled

with a lot of to-dos and to-go. With regards to travelling, I have a number of places that I would really love to visit. Mind you, I have visited these places, but I have in my head. They are bucket list items because in reality, I haven’t visited them and I would really love to. Something tells me that I have actually been to Bali in Indonesia. Oh, I remember, in my dreams. I wanted to say it was a honeymoon affair, but I visited Bali alone because I love myself and I would love to give myself a treat before I think of getting married which doesn’t top my list at this point.

So, today, I am going to tell you guys the destinations on my bucket list and why I would love to visit those places.

Bali, Indonesia
This is a destination that is dear to my heart. I have seen mind-blowing pictures and videos of Bali and I keep asking myself why I want to deny myself such luxury. My bank account doesn’t agree with this, but when it finally decides to agree, I would pack my bags and head to Bali. This destination is suitable for lovers who are on their honey or sugar moon. It is also perfect for solo travellers like me. Don’t worry, whenever I finally make it to Bali, I do not think you guys will hear the last of it.

London, United Kingdom
My love for the United Kingdom is not just about the fact that it is a fantastic place for tourists, but because of their language. I have always been fascinated about the United Kingdom that most of the movies I watch are actually British movies and I do not watch them because I want to watch movies, I watch them because the language excites me. Oh, please I studied English and learning from the native speakers is not a bad idea. Asides from the language, London is a city that I would really love to visit. Have I visited London in my dreams? I have actually visited all the countries on this list in my dreams.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The technology and level of development in most of the Asian countries is very applaudable. It is pertinent to note that most of them gained independence after Nigeria did, yet some governors in Nigeria are excited because there is one pedestrian bridge in the whole state. They are so excited that they even add it to their campaign promises, how they brought development to the state. It makes me sad. Dubai is a place that everyone wants to go to because of the sites, the tourist spots, the massive buildings, the shopping malls, the excitement and everything. Before you ask, of course, I have visited Dubai in my dreams. You guys do not know what you are missing, you need to be in my dreams.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
I was supposed to visit this place this year, but due to some circumstances beyond my control and because life is not always fair, it didn’t work out. I still hope I visit sometime though. I love the Dutch culture and I love their cake, lol. Amsterdam is a city that I feel will bring me comfort and warmth. I know it is a very cold place, but I want to visit and know what it’s like to be there. I have read a lot about their history and it is very captivating.

Zanzibar, Tanzania
I fell in love with Zanzibar while reading NSG’s post on her visit to Zanzibar and how she had fun there. My cousin visited there too and she had such a wonderful time. Tanzania is a country in Africa in which tourism contributes a great deal towards the growth of its economy. Zanzibar more especially is a regular place for lovers on their honeymoon, lovers who just want to admire nature, tourists from all over the world and lots more. It attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Although, I watched one of the popular vlogger Adanna David’s videos and she was deported from Tanzania for being Nigerian. According to her, she went to the embassy in Ireland where she lives and she was told that she was going to be given visa on arrival. However, when she got there, she was told that she was supposed to get a visa from the embassy in Abuja and she doesn’t live in Nigeria. To cut the long story short, she was deported. Why do we have to get visas to visit African countries? It is not like that for EU countries. I hope the African Union looks into this.

The thing about this small Island country which is very neat and has a high level of education and development is that I don’t have a particular city that I love, I totally love the country. It is one of the world's most expensive city. I was introduced to this country in Kevin Kwan’s trilogy Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People’s Problem. When I watched the movie, mind-blowing is an understatement. A country that gained independence when my country Nigeria did is already a wonder of the world. I would really love to visit Singapore.

This is my real country, I am not joking with you all. I totally admire this country because she opened her doors to immigrants. I mean, the land mass there is wow. It is a developed country and it welcomes people from all over the world. At this point, most industries are moving their headquarters to Canada because of the population explosion in the country (I stand to be corrected). I am particularly interested in the county Alberta, the University precisely as their Gender Studies department is top-notch. Don’t worry about the cold, I am capable. Besides, the heat in my country is not something I love at all.

There are a whole lot of countries on my list. Like Seychelles, Mauritius, Japan, USA, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Barbados, Aruba, France, Iceland, Luxembourg and more, but let me leave you guys with these ones.

I know I am a dreamer, you can call me Josephine, but very soon, it is not just going to be in my dreams, I am going to visit these countries and of course, write a review on my trip. What is on your bucket list with regards to travelling? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Dear Zest, you can resend your comment here. I am sorry for not publishing the post about married men yesterday.

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  1. Lol... You've got to put me on call when you are ready to travel to London because in my bucket I have London and Germany.

    1. I definitely will do that. It night be soon so get ready.

  2. Lovely list, but let me give you some more;
    1. Andes mountains in Chile
    2. Great Coral Reef in Australia
    3. Seychelles
    4. The Great Wall of China
    5. Eiffel Tower in Paris
    Why you might ask, well they are all great to take pictures in plus they are great for tourism all year long.

    1. We both have Seychelles on our list. I should inform you whenever I am ready. I prefer solo travelling though, but 2 is not a crowd.

  3. Sistine Chapel in Rome. I've always wanted to see what the cardinals do in there. Dubai seems a great place. Lastly, Silicon Valley in California, where the Tech giants operate from.

    1. Yeah, Silicon Valley is definitely a go-to place for tech enthusiasts.

  4. Well let me not type too much....I want to travel round the world. But London tops the list. Your list is sha long just say you want to travel the world like meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰....lol..
    I sha like your bucket list, your faith and your zeal to work towards those dreams..
    You know we're learning from youπŸ˜‰...keep up the good work Gifty...πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž


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