Thin, Thinner, Gift Wogu

‘Jeez! What happened to you?’

‘You have really slimmed down’

‘Why haven’t you been eating?’

I just renewed my domain name and it’s safe to say that I am officially an adult. See, I have never done this before shout out to Uncle Chiajulam, but this time, I’m like I have to do this. My domain expired towards the end of last year and I was very skeptical about renewing it because I have been having doubts with regards to my writing. Like, I know I can write, but running a blog? I just felt consistency is key and I lack it. So, I passed out on Thursday and I’m like, I have to do this abeg as my blog readers have reached out to me countless times. Honestly, I miss writing here.

The beginning of this year was very hectic for me. I only just got myself on Thursday. I even arrived at my POP late because I was really busy. My cousin Ifeanyi dropped this very serious task on my head late last year and he has been very helpful with regards to the task. I was done with it on Thursday and now, I have time to prepare for the numerous aptitude tests I am scheduled to write and of course to write on my blog.

Dear blog readers, happy new year, a happy new month too. Before you judge me for saying this 76 days into the new year, I just want to let you know that it’s not too late to set your goals for the year. It’s not even up to 100 days sef.

On the blog today, I want to talk about myself. I know I always do that, but I’m focusing on my health this time. In secondary school, my nickname was Thinnymissy. You should know why I was called that. I have moved on from that nickname even though I saw Akuchukwu Emmanuel during our POP and she called me that, but with the way things are going with my diet right now, that name is not far-fetched.

I don’t know if the problem is that I went to a boarding school, but my eating habit is on life support. In fact, it’s in limbo. I crave anything that can be taken with milk. Cornflakes, goldenmorn, garri with groundnut, magic crunch (I haven’t had this one since I got back to Lagos) and others. Eating good food is a huge struggle for me. I only cook or buy food when I am really really hungry. I wasn’t like this before. I used to be a foodie, what exactly changed?

A lot of people are complaining that I have slimmed down, I don’t care about slimming down, I just don’t want it to be that I am slimming down because I am not eating. I really do not want to have an ulcer. Eating is a struggle, but trying to have a kind of schedule for food because you are not allowed to eat some certain things is not part of my plan for life. There are things that I don’t eat though, but that’s not the point of this post.

So, I have been researching symptoms of ulcer and I just hope whatever is wrong with me at this point is not it. If you have been In this situation before, tell me how to be a foodie again. If you are a foodie, give me your eating schedule. Please, don’t tell me to check google, I have and I want to hear from you guys.

Meanwhile, I planned to be in Lome or Porto-Novo chilling and being a baby girl the day after my POP, but with this task, my cousin involved me in, such luxury is not possible, at least for now. So, I am being a baby girl at home sleeping, eating junk and trying to prepare mentally for the tests I have to write soon. If you have any idea on how I can improve on my eating habit, an idea that actually works, I’ll be in the comment section and I think I should give the 4th to comment airtime. Don’t forget to share my post with your friends and subscribe to my blog. I’ll be in the comment section waiting for you all.


  1. How about you try multi vitamins? Welcome back though!!! You were missed!

    1. Thank you dear. Well, with regards to multivitamins, I guess I will try that. I googled some of the symptoms of ulcer and it's scary. I ate well yesterday though.

  2. Stop researching for symptoms of whatyou don't have l. Its too scary.

    I'm no dietitian bit you need something beyound all those cornflakes and the likes. Possible solution? Buy a food plan that you will adhere to strictly.

  3. Congratulations giftie. We dey ur back. #Maraya

  4. Yeah, stop researching for symptoms you don't have. And about being a foodie again, you need to intentionally have an eye for food. Taste and bite everything you can, do local fries, fruits, and junks. But also, never forget to eat a complete diet. Be a foodie with health in mind. ✌🏾

    That aside, I think mine is the 4th comment 😆

    1. Thank you Ben and you are definitely getting your airtime tomorrow.


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