"I Will Run Away If I Am Not Released By The End Of This Month..."

"I have been feeling pains below my pelvic region for several..."

Last week, we read a very devasting story of our Nigerian sister who is in Cotonou, Benin Republic. This sister of ours was deceived into going to Cotonou to work in a salon. If you missed the story, click here.

Today is Wednesday and as stated earlier, our HIV and Human Trafficking series will be uploaded every Wednesday. The last one did well on the blog and I am hoping this will do better so we will have the opportunity to get this to the right channel because that is important to me. As stated earlier, Blez is going through sexual harassment. He is a guy and most of the victims of these evil traffickers won't tell him their story and they won't even report their traffickers. Somehow, when they are free, they go on to be traffickers too and the cycle continues.

Our interview with the victim whose story you guys read last week continues today.

How long will you continue like this?
Madam said since I have worked for this long by March 2019  I'll be granted my freedom,  immediately this is done I will go for a test. 

Do you still have feelings for a man?
Yes, I do. I have a boyfriend whom by Gods grace sells at Tokpa Marche, and I still do have feelings for him, just that we don't see except at night where I'll sneak out to his place and return.
(Looks down Pointing) My madam stays there and keeps watch. She too is into this but she's not regular since she has us working, besides, she just put to bed.

Does your boyfriend know what you do?
Yes, he knows and he's not happy about it, but can't help it. He's waiting for me. Immediately I'm free here, we will go for a medical checkup. He has secured a job for me in a boutique where I'll help sell Suits in the Market. He wants to marry me.

Why didn't he facilitate your leaving there immediately?
He tried to, but I rejected since it was almost time for me to go, let me serve this and know that this is what life has provided, but God will turn things around for me.

Would you like to share your story for people to learn?
If I have my way, I'll go to the radio, talk to the crowd and ensure girls don't get into this mess...
Look around (pointing at other young girls), this is not what life is about. Many of them were deceived like I was, but when I talk to them about leaving they do not answer me, they enjoy it here.

Would you mind if I share your story?
Please, share. I will also help you to talk to many girls as possible.

Fast forward to 3rd March, I visited her again at her usual spot

Hello Bella, how you doing today?
I'm fine just feeling pains below my pelvis region for several days now. The pains are getting severe by day.

Have you taken any drugs or gone for any checkup?
No, no drugs or medical checkup, I only drank some Agbo one woman brings to the house to supply and madam said it is good for me.

Do you have an idea of what is wrong with you?
No sincerely...

People sleep with you and pay you not Madam, you make returns to Madam, why haven't you taken money to get drugs?
She has hustled in this  area and she knows how much we get paid here.  It is difficult to see a man to sleep with you for 2000 Fcefa ( 1300naira), so she knows the exact amount she will expect.

Okay, this is how its done. Before we leave the house, she counts condoms for us, like yesterday I had 14 condoms and I finished it before going home. Today as I'm talking to you now I have 20 condoms, I'm done with 1, 19 is left. So its the number of condoms that determines the amount of you bring back.

Now it's March has she told you when you'll be free?
For where? She's been carrying face for me and getting upset at my presence.  She recently accused me of stealing her money. God knows I have never stolen her money and I will never steal.

Don't you think these are strategies to extend your stay?*
I don't know, but what I know is that I have already called my parents and my elder sister who resides in Lagos informing her that I am not going to endure again. I will run away, if by the end of this month I'm not released. I'm tired.

She wants a test, I'm trying to contact a doctor for her...  The issue I have here is that things aren't done the way it is in Nigeria. Due to her inability to leave the house, she wants to give me her blood sample for a test. Doctors here are really inconsiderate and naive especially when it has to do with saving lives. I promised her by next week I'll get a doctor so she can explain her symptoms of her tommy aches and the HIV test, I have applied to many agencies, but the bureaucracies here are  too much.

This interview was conducted by Blez Inyang, the Convener and Peer Educator of BlezInyang Foundation. He is a Nigerian and he lives Cotonou, Benin Republic. The story is in no way fiction. His foundation creates awareness for HIV/ AIDS. He is an advocate for gender, HIV/AIDS and human trafficking.

Gift Wogu on the other hand is particularly interested in gender and human trafficking. She has published a novel on human trafficking which is available in print and on Okadabooks.



  1. Thanks for this awareness.

  2. I still believe that girl doesn't wanna leave. Her story sounds too petty. Leave there. Get the police and arrest that woman. Simple!

    1. Someone else said the same thing. She's missing at the moment anyway.

  3. Am not sure the woman would want to let her go that easily. She needs to be prepared for that .

    Thanks gift, thanks for dedicating your time and effort to this.

    1. I really have no idea as she is missing at the moment. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. Any news about the lady yet?

    1. Yeah. She was ill, she had severe pains and couldn't come out to work. She's still bent on leaving. The sad part is her parents are aware that she's a prostitute in Benin Republic .

  5. Parents need to set their priorities right. Why would you let your child sell her body? No matter the hardship. Some parents are irresponsible to be honest. In the first place don't start what you can't finish. If they know they're not financially buoyant give child bearing a second thought or work hard enough to take care of the child or children. Every child deserves the best. My hope is that her madam let's her go. And she gets the help she needs. I wish her the best.
    Keep up the good work Gifty and blezinyang, more grace.💞😘

  6. Even when I am trying to type meaningful and reasonable something, the anger in my heart will deny me of it...

    Distance is a bastard. But let that woman don't think she has arrived because she will loose all that she has in one day... This is very inhumane. God help that poor girl.

    It's well.


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