Five Fun Places To Visit In Lagos

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine who lives in one of the Asian countries.

According to him, his friends want to visit Nigeria. In fact, they have actually been to more African countries than he has been to. Oh, he has actually been to an African country, but the sad part is that the country is Nigeria and while he was in Nigeria, he didn’t live the baby boy life. By Babyboy, I mean visiting tourist attractions in Nigeria. 

I have lived in Nigeria all my life and I really do not think I have lived the baby girl life. I mean, I have lived in Lagos for the most part of my life, but I haven’t really toured. We are almost 80 days into the new year and it’s not late. See, before my Passing Out Parade, the plan was to visit an African country on the 15th of March. I spent the better part of that day sleeping only to wake up to find out that I left the tap running. What a beautiful way to be in an African country.

Since I can’t afford to visit an African country at the moment as my account balance will bleed if I try it, I have decided to share some cool tourist spots in Lagos, Nigeria for people like me with bleeding account balances. Okay, if your account is not bleeding and you still need to step up your waka-waka game, my post is for you too.

Lekki Conservation Centre
I have been here twice and I am going to visit the third time because of my friend Ebere as she hates the beach sand. Lekki Conservation Centre or LCC as I love to call it is that perfect spot for all your waka-waka issues. It is basically one of the best and most visited nature reserves in Nigeria. The canopy walkway is a good place to take that perfect picture for your IG or to even have the picture on your phone. It is the longest canopy walkway in West Africa and the reserve boasts of the famous giant tortoise. If you are looking to play the game of chess, the conservation centre is your go-to place. Also, if you ae thinking of a place for your picnic, you should give it a shot.  The best time to visit LCC is not during the holiday or festive periods. If you try it, the crowd is going to be so overwhelming. Consider visiting during the dry season too.

Tarkwa Bay
This is a favourite destination for me, but the sad part is I have never been here. I have always planned to visit Tarkwa Bay, but there is always one thing or the other ruining my plans. If it is not a pressing deadline, it’s sleep or tiredness. Woh! This Tarkwa Bay, I must go before the end of April. Meanwhile, my mama went and this is what she has to say.

You know it's always about the crowd you hang out with when you want to have the best time?

Tarkwa Bay is that cool beach you go to when you want to relax with friends. Have some good time with nature, enjoying the cool breeze with a very nice sea view. From the boat cruise while going to the beach, the warm welcome from the locals and the area boys trying to find you the perfect sitting spot for a token, there's quite a lot of activity going on at Tarkwa Bay.

There are kids selling bikinis and scarves, just in case the ladies came without theirs; kids with guitars, cooking up three minutes shows of some of the best Bob Marley tracks, whom you have to appreciate with some token; and of course, as with almost any other place in Lagos, a couple of kids waiting for you to serve them food from your picnic basket. 

If you can overlook the dirt in the beach sand while you stroll around the waterfront, then you can fully get the experience of nature. What else are beaches for?

Oniru Beach
Lovelyn visited on the 15th of March and asked me to come too, but like I said earlier, I was too tired to go anywhere and I woke up realizing that I left the tap on. I have been to a lot of beaches in Lagos, but Oniru is not one of them. The beach is a beautiful place to chill, appreciate nature and forget about the issues of life as na Nigerian you be, you no kill person.  Although, a lot of people have great things to say about Oniru beach, Lovelyn feels it didn't meet her expectations.

With so much expectation, I arrived at the Oniru beach; the beach believed to have so much swag because of its privacy and the people that come to it. 

Alas, it was nothing like I had envisaged. 
The waves of the sea didn't pursue me like all of the other beaches I had gone to. The air around the beach wasn't friendly. There were no much activity to do.

 Nnamdi Kanu Park
Located at the heart of the capital city, this is highly recommended especially if you have kids. I have been here so I have firsthand information with regards to the matter. There are a lot of fun activities for your kids. It is beautiful and well-maintained park. It's also very suitable for your picnics.

La Campagne Tropicana
If you are a fan of the sea, this is the absolute place to visit. Located at Lekki, this private beach which lies at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean is a place where you and your squad can go to get over the hustle of Lagos.

Omu Resort
I know I promised to write about 5 places, but what harm will one more do? I visited Omu Resort in 2016, the year I really lived the babygirl life. Omu Resort is the ideal multihub fun place. There is a go cart area, a wax museum, an aquarium, an archery, darts and a zoo with lots of animals. I remember the Lion we met there, it just refused to turn. It was probably tired anyway. There is also a wonderful opportunity to quad bike. How amazing!

If you want are planning a picnic, a blast for your kids or you just want to have fun, you already know Omu Resort is the goto place.

There is also an amusement park, a pool and horseback riding.

There are a lot of amazing places for you to visit and have fun in Lagos especially this weekend. If you have more ideas, please leave a comment.

2019 is the year to tour, let's do this. I know I forgot to mention Nike Art Gallery, but if you have visited, you should leave a comment.  Have a great weekend ahead.


  1. Lovely. I wish to visit there soon too.

  2. Nike Art Gallery is five whole floors of amazing and insightful artworks worth seeing!

    1. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you mama

  3. I can officially say, am yet to really know Lagos. Thanks for sharing

  4. Such enlightenment. Thank you !

    1. You are welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it

  5. If I come, I will be all over the place... Nnamdi Kanu park?
    Is that the man's?

  6. Lekki conservation center has been on my mind for a while

    1. You should definitely visit. It's a beautiful place.


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