5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live In Lagos, Nigeria

Men and women of anger are everywhere especially in the morning to ruin your day with their constant…

Hey guys, I am excited to do this again this Friday. I am glad I renewed my domain name and I am even gladder if there is any word like that because my HIV and Human Trafficking Series is doing so well. The views are amazing and I am so grateful to you all for your support. I am grateful for visiting the blog, leaving a comment and sharing the link with your friends. This year is the year.

I am planning a trip to Benin Republic soon. I have an exam to prepare for in May and once I am done with that, I will have time to visit the girls as Blez complains of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the sense that the victims of trafficking are so broken that most of them are not willing to share their story until he sleeps with them. In case you missed it, click here.

Last week Friday, my post was about the Five Fun things to do in Lagos. If you missed it, click here. Well, that post was just to help you have fun if you are already living in Lagos, but if you are not, you do not know how lucky you are, you really have no idea.

Today, I am going to be giving you guys five reasons why you should not live in Lagos, Nigeria. I might even give you bonus reasons. Don’t thank me, what are friends for?

 Men And Women Of Anger
I am sure you all are expecting me to start with traffic, but traffic is not the first thing that greets you early in the morning, it is the men and women of anger. You wake up, take a bath, wear your makeup, wear your perfume, and get out of the bus looking like a total mess. The conductor as early as it is and as a child of anger that he is just transfers his aggression.

There is the passenger that is refusing to adjust, there is the passenger whose body odour is trying to send you to your early grave, there is the passenger who pours juice on you, there is the passenger who is shouting at the top of his/her voice because if you do not shout, hell will let loose. See, I have had sad experiences on a bus that is worse than traffic.

 In 2016, a conductor made away with my change, my #900. I boarded a bus from Yaba to Obalende and I remember asking severally for my change, brotherly told me not to worry. On my way to Victoria Island, I finally remembered my change, you do not want to know what happened to a 20-year-old girl interning in a bank who had no extra money on her. My whole mood that day was ruined anyway. So, you see, traffic is not the only reason you shouldn’t live in Lagos, men and women of anger too.

Apart from this, there are angry men and women in the market who will keep dragging you to buy stuff and if you refuse, they will start insulting you, the reason for this is quite unknown and if you are in doubt, I had this experience last week at Yaba market. I went to do a little shopping for a friend’s wedding and this guy was pulling me to come and buy stuff, I was like dude, I am not interested. He started calling himself names, of course, not me.

This is the height of Lagos stress. Most people spend quality time in traffic. Traffic ruins you appointments, it makes you angry (everything in Lagos makes you angry anyway), it makes you go late to work, it increases the amount of money you have to pay your Uber driver and if you are using a public transport, it makes you angrier. How? You get to spend more time with the driver and conductors who are going through issues of life.

Noise Pollution
If you love your peace and tranquility, don’t ever come to Lagos because you might go crazy from everything. The noise is not from this part of this world at all. From angry Lagosians screaming to loud music when you are trying to rest. Oh, let’s not forget the churches everywhere and the evangelists early in the morning telling you to repent when you actually need your sleep and if you try to object, they will tell you how you are going straight to hell. I just remembered those that preach in the buses telling people that they are going to go to hell if they… you already know.

High Cost Of Accommodation
A lot of people live on the Mainland and work on the Island, why? Houses on the Island are freaking expensive. The ones in places that are close to the Island like Yaba and Surulere are expensive too. When I mean expensive, I am not even joking. To get a good selfcon around Yaba or Surulere, just get your #300,000 or more ready and don’t come and start pricing abeg. You see, that amount of money can pay for a 5-bedroom apartment in somewhere like Umuahia, but the story is different. There are places in Lagos where accommodation is way cheaper, but those places are far from everywhere and you won’t want to be working in Victoria Island and living at Ikorodu.

Forget what they say, Lagos is a very filthy place. Please, don’t even try to argue, I have seen thrash lying on the road in the state capital and by state capital, I mean Ikeja. In Lagos, you see people buy gala and soft drinks and instead of holding the trash till they get home or disposing of it properly, they basically throw it out of the window. Most people here prefer to throw their thrash at night at the centre of the road than to pay their Lagos Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) bills. Living in this kind of environment is not good for your health.

The crime rate in Lagos is really high. When I walk at night, I do not take my phone with me and I’m usually scared when I am in a place like Obalende, I am usually scared because I love my phone and I do not want it stolen. My friend Debby has lost 3 phones to the phone thieves at Ikeja. 3 freaking phones people of God. I was talking to a friend of mine who doesn’t live in Nigeria, it was almost 12am. I remember asking him if his phone is not going to be stolen and he laughed. He told me that doesn’t happen where he is at the moment. Buying stuff at the famous Computer Village is on another level. You can go there to purchase an iPhone and come back with a nicely wrapped fufu or eba. Don’t worry about arguing, people have had this experience. Changing money nko? My cousin was duped at Allen Avenue and I was there.

Most people in Lagos are just here. We have gotten used to living in this crowded state, for me, it is different because I was born here. If I have my way, I’d definitely move to another state like Ohio or a city like London or even my own Manitoba in my real country, Canada. Laugh all you want people.

Last week, I made a post on how you can have fun in Lagos. Yes, it is possible. So, if you are stuck here like me, you cannot kill yourself and go and die. Click on this link and have fun.

Do you love Lagos? If you are a Lagosian, have you ever had relocation thoughts? If you are not a Lagosian and you are so into the Lagos dream, why exactly? I am waiting for you in the comment section. Have a beautiful and stress-free weekend, amen!


  1. The rush never gets to me
    If I leave my house late, then I would most likely be late.

    The rude traders, the rude ladies, ever horny men, rickety vehicles, breaking traffic rules etc.

    Lagos is very disgusting

  2. I can deal with all of the above except those angry conductors. I mean, I practically source for 'change' before seating my tiny little ass in those yellow rickety danfos, I can't have it if my money is made away with considering the fact that I would have been hard pressed in the bus by 'big Mamas, papas, brothers or sisters😛. Lagos is quite terrible but can be enjoyed too, If you choose to

    1. When it comes to the bus thing and the dirty passengers, Lagos is still a better place compared to some places in the North. At least in Lagos, you get to sit with people of same class in a bus. In the North ehn...you'll be sitting with all kinds of smelly people.

    2. The change own is just tiring. They never have change, never!

  3. But u know Lagos is still the best place to live cus u will become wiser and smarter competition every where.

  4. Lagos makes one to be smart kinda. Also, to enjoy Lagos, just have some good money and live close to where you work.

    1. Living close to work is a big deal especially if you work on the Island. Anyway, we are still managing .

  5. Madam, everything in Lagos doesn't make one angry oo. Abeg...

    If I carry you go banana island, you go love Lagos oo 😎🤣🎶

    I see things differently dear. If you ask me, all these are reasons to wish for, work for, and attain the good life.

    Believe me, some people are not having these kind of experiences. And even what you pointed out is not particular to Lagos alone, it is only high here compared to other states in Nigeria.

    Even in the USA, some people in states like New York and Chicago are crying and want to change state for some of these reasons you mentioned here about lagos.

    But guess what? In those same states some people are chilling and are having different experiences.

    The goal is to chill. And when I say chill, I mean big time chilling, whether in Lagos or in any other city in this world.

    My views ☺


  6. Lagos? I can authoritatively tell you that Kaduna is a better city. The only thing that make most people troop to Lagos is because they believe there are job opportunities there.

    1. Yeah, there actually are job opportunities and exposure too. I'll do a post on that soon. Thanks for stopping by Zest.

  7. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣... Crayyyy crayyyyy


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