"I Love Him, But I Hate His Mentality"

"...we will not have a washing machine in our house if we get married because it will make me lazy."

Hi Imagenaija,

Pardon my errors please. I have a boo, I kinda love the guy, but I hate his mentality. Can you believe that this guy said that when we get married, we will not have a washing machine because it will make me lazy? He also had this low perception about women. According to him, a woman should not have more money than her husband. If she does, she will not be respectful and submissive. 

I have worked really hard. I am trying to build a name for myself and I want to climb to the top of my career. I love him, but I need me a man who will support me and I will support him too. I love my boo, but I am thinking this relationship might not be good for me. What do you suggest I do?

Dear writer,  if you can’t cope with him, you should move on and be glad that he told you the kind of person he is from the start. It is better than it manifesting when you guys are married. I sha don't know why washing machine is a big deal. If you have a word for the poster, she'll be in the comment section waiting for you. 


  1. I believe this is a handwriting on the wall. Interpret accordingly. First, you need to talk to him. Let him know ur stand.Dont pretend to like what you hate because you love him.A woman should not have more money than her husband...? Okay, you are dating a danger zone and danger zones are usually unrepentant because they are too caught up in their chauvinism to be able to listen to another line of reasoning. But shaa try to talk to him.
    But in all honesty, I think if you want to reach d peak of ur career, and you want a man who'd support you, then a man with that kind of mentality is a no no. If trying to reason with him proves abortive (as I suppose it would), then call it quits and own ur life. If you don't want to go back to 17th century, stay away from that relationship. Call it quits now before you lose yourself

  2. So what are you still doing with him?


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