Five Series You Should See This Weekend

I am currently watching Jane The Virgin and it is amazing! My favourite character is Petra.

Like, she’s always up to one mischief or the other, but you gotta love her! She literally grows on you. I usually do not like characters that are out to please everyone. I feel nobody is perfect and I don’t like Jane because she is almost flawless, but I love her with Rafael.  I am so team #Jafael

It is Friday and I can smell the weekend. If you enjoy your own company like me and you want to have a little fun with yourself, you can read books, think or watch movies. With regards to the movies, I have a list of beautiful Nigerian web series for your viewing pleasure that will give you the feels.
This Is It: This one blew my mind. It made me look forward to a lot of things. It also made me understand that understanding is key. Like you need to be with someone who is interested in your growth and stay away from people with negative vibes. Lowladee’s This Is It will make you love love and fall in love with love again.

Skinny Girl In Transit: You have to give it up to Ndani TV for churning out only amazing web series. If you want to laugh throughout this weekend, SGIT is the go-to series. Watch the struggle of a plus-sized Nigerian lady who is trying to find her place in a society where body shaming is highly applauded.

MTV Shuga Naija: Even if you have watched Sophie so fine so fly’s season, you need to watch season 6. Timini Egbuson who plays Tobi will blow your mind. Watch him like you have never seen him before.

Rumour Has It: I watched Season 1 and I was so sure that season 2 is a must! The gobe is so OMG! The suspense is out of this world. Linda Ejiofor, Jemima Osunde, Mawuli Gavor and Efa Iwara nailed this one.

I am following How To Get Away With Murder Season 5. Is it strange that Frank and Michaela are my favourite characters? What series are you watching now? I’ll be in the comment section.
Have a fab weekend guys.


  1. I'll definitely watch at least one of these. I can't be missing out on all the fun na.

    1. You should definitely watch at least one.


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