"Will She Feel Bad If I Get Her A Waist Trainer?"

This friend wants to know if it's proper to get his girlfriend a waist trainer.

Assuming you are a boy and you have a girlfriend, you feel you want her to look more sexy for herself and for you. You want to get her a waist trainer as a surprise.
So, you  tell her to send you a picture of her tummy and she refuses. You know if you  push you will end up getting angry, will you  proceed to buy her the waist trainer?

When they tell you guys to chat properly  you won't listen. You want to kill somebody's child with shorthand. Anyway, like I told you, don't buy waist trainer for her. Even if she's complaining that she's putting on weight, she doesn't need you to remind her with your waist trainer gift. That's not a pleasant surprise, save it. 

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment. Happy new month fam. 


  1. Which 1 b waist trainer?

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