WCW: How Nollywood Actress And Producer Chinneylove Eze Was Able To Rise Through It All

Did I just call her an actress and producer leaving the business woman part out? If you have not met a strong woman in your whole life, you should meet Chinneylove Eze because I am crushing on her and her hustle today.

Chinneylove came into the limelight as an actress. She started hustling since her days in Uniben when she was selling in a truck. During her service days, she started acting. Chinneylove did not stop at that, she has grown into one of the biggest Nollywood producers in Nigeria. Oh, I forgot to add the youngest Nollywood producer because she is not 30 yet.

I have never met her. I remember sliding into her dm sometime last year and she handed a major writing project to me. She trusted me with her story, she wanted me to turn it into a script as she is a very busy person and she paid me well.

I have followed her bumper to bumper and she just doesn't stop. Do you know her movie Hire A Man was a box office hit? I'm sure you have seen her movie June too. She recently launched her online TV Chinneyloveeze TV and she has embraced her passion in clothes. The way she packages herself will make you love plus-sized ladies.

She launched her clothing line CLE clothing and I'm sure she's not done yet. When you see a hardworking woman, add some respect to her name. I love her, you should too.

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