"She Smashed My MacBook Air And Now, She Wants Me Back"

My case is really funny. Like, I don't know how I got myself into this mess, but you know what they say about love being blind.

My last girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend. Imagine watching that via CCTV cameras, I was so heartbroken. So heartbroken that I decided to be MIA with regards to relationships and friendships. Let me face my python in peace abeg. My codes do not betray me, they challenge me, but not for long. I guess when our forefathers said "no man is an Island", they had me in mind.

I decided to give love another chance. I have known her, let's call me Brenda for sometime. She is working and like me, she is earning well. The first week of our relationship, she started checking my phone. She checks my chats, my messages and everything. I wasn't having this. Which kind of wahala is this one? See me see trouble o. I told her to leave my phone alone, but she won't just oblige.

You want to know the next thing she did, right? She started asking how much I earn. Our relationship is just one week old. I didn't understand all these. She checked my inbox and she couldn't find any alert, she decided to check my mail. I used a strong password. We got into a fight because of that. She accused me of being unfaithful. I didn't have time to argue. I ignored her and continued pressing my laptop. Can you believe that this girl smashed my laptop? My MacBook Air!

I didn't know what to do. She left my house. This girl made me not to work through out that weekend. On Monday, I got back home and I found Brenda in my house. She cleaned the whole house and cooked for me. I don't know why she didn't go to work. She wants me back. I don't know if I can deal with that Psycho. She smashed my MacBook Air, my expensive laptop! I'm definitely not getting back with her.

Friends have asked me to give her another chance. So much for relationships though.

Guys, what do you think? Should he give bae another chance? 


  1. Seriously you want us to tell you what to do, when you already know the right step. The next time it is your head she’ll brrak

  2. Hmmm... Well, let me put myself in the guy's shoes:

    Since I can afford another MacBook Air, that isn't my issue. Unless for projects not backed up before her madness started.

    My major issue with Brenda is her trying to know my financial left and right, and INVADING my privacy. She's not even my wife. Reading my phone messages sometimes, no problem. But with the motive Brenda does it and even checking my mails, that's crossing some yellow lines.

    Finally, it isn't over with me and her yet. A little bit if "psycho" can b good sometimes, but, she shouldn't smash my computer again!

  3. Well, he'll read this. Thanks for leaving a comment dear Zest and Anonymous.


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