My NYSC Chronicles: I Knew I Had To Resign When He Kept Me At Work Till...

I'm tired of service. Who else feels this way? I'm just waiting patiently for my POP.

It's Monday people and I'm somewhere pressing my phone. How are you guys doing? How things? I've been trying my hands on a whole lot of things and I teamed up with my friend to sell bags. I guess, you have to keep trying.

The kind of stress and worry I'm experiencing now, I haven't experienced it in my life. I mean, I get sad and down most times, but not like this. I feel my positive vibes are no longer visible and I'm constantly dishing out negative. There's no motivation to do anything anymore.

This scheme is really tiring. In my former place of work, my salary was slashed because I didn't have the discharge certificate. I made up my mind to serve my fatherland. I was posted to a Law firm and trust me, I planned to do great work. Guess what? The man started keeping us late. I remember one Friday night, my mum called me by 10:30pm and I told her I'm still at work. The woman said I'm not working there again and if I insist, she'll drag me out of that place. So, my colleagues and I filed a complaint and we were rejected.

Another corper had a similar situation. He was forced to come to work on Saturday and Sunday. You really don't want to know how much he's paid. You'll get angry. Oh, I forgot to talk about the corper that was posted to a school and intentionally refused to join them in their night vigil. It was a very serious problem o.

Ella my friend was constantly complaining some months back. The child of God was angry that they were sending her on errands. You employ people to work for you and you pay them little or nothing. The only good part about it is the orientation camp. I had fun biko and I will still have fun tomorrow.

Dear corpers, utilise your service year. There are a lot of opportunities. You can take a course and look for a side hustle that pays. Work on yourself and develop relationships. Grow your network too. Even though NYSC is tiring, I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet people like Somto, Taiwo, Mide, Sheriff and Chinwendu.

If you are waiting for the scheme to be scrapped, you are wasting your time. As far as Gift Wogu served, you must serve o.

If you are serving, how's your service year going? Scam or not? What are you doing with regards to your side hustle? I'll do a complete post for my bags later. Order for me, your mother, sister and girlfriend.Follow us on Instagram @Juxbags Have a beautiful day.


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