My First Flight Experience

"Don't go and disgrace me o," my mum said.

Learning script writing on my own with guidelines from superstar screenwriter Vivian Chiji has to be one of the best things I've done. I don't have a big house or a car, but I have opportunities.

Hey blog readers, how are you doing today? It's Wednesday and I got to work by 6:44am. You gotta give it up for me. I'm hardworking. Thanks for reading my last post about Brenda and her boo, the views were overwhelming. Did I tell you guys that Uncle Sam bought my novel. He actually paid extra. That's some great lifesaving skill, he always comes through for me.

So, I flew for the first time in 2016. I was in third year and I'm going to gist you all about it and give you guys tips. I applied at EbonyLife TV, I was interested in writing for their new show First Stars Reality TV show. I didn't get a call back from them, but I wasn't bothered because I usually don't get my hopes up. When you've been disappointed so many times, you'll probably relate.

I got a job at Lion FM as a Co-host of a show with Emeka and I was living my dreams on air. After our show that day, I went back to my room. I was eating my usual bread and sipping my milk when my phone beeped. A mail from EbonyLife studios? It's a lie! I had to be at their Illupeju studio the next day by 9am. I checked my time, it was 2:00pm. I was so confused and I called my mum with the usual "I don't know" line.

My mum heard the amount of money involved and she decided that I must go. She asked me to check for flights going to Lagos and I did. Unfortunately, the last flight left for Lagos by 2:00pm. My mum tried to convince me to take a night bus, but I didn't listen to her. She called my uncle who I listen to Uncle Chiajulam and he told my mum that I can't go with a night bus. He said we should give him 30 minutes. He actually kept to his word and he called me 30 minutes later that my flight is for 6:40pm. I was so excited.

The way I raced to the bathroom sha. I got to the park in Nsukka and boarded a bus that was heading to Enugu. You know Peace Mass drivers na. The man was speeding and we thought we were going to die. The passengers shouted at the man and he decided to form slow and steady. He was so slow that we started shouting again. We wanted him to speed up.

Okay,  my uncle said I'll find the ticket in my mail. He also told me to go with my ID card. I stupidly thought I'd print the ticket. When I got to the airport, I told an officer that I'm looking for a place to print my flight ticket 😂. The officer laughed, took me to the counter and asked me to present my ID Card. When I did, they gave me my ticket. After waiting for awhile  our flight showed up. Surprisingly, I fastened my seatbelt without any help. When the flight took off, I felt strange, but my mum warned me about falling her hands o. I tried my best to keep calm.

When they served light refreshments, I held it. I didn't know you are supposed to press a button so you can put your snack on something that looks like a table (I still don't know what it's called) 😂 and eat. Do you know I didn't finish the snacks? I kept some to remember this experience. 😂

I didn't remove my tag. The truth is, that Aero Contractors tag was never removed from my laptop bag till it looked really worn-out. Don't blame me, please. Now, I'm a boss o. I'm very confident. I don't take the snacks to my house and I remove the tag immediately. I haven't boarded a flight this year, but I hope I will.

When I got to Murtala Mohammed Airport, the airport taxi guys said I should pay 9k to Festac. I sha didn't answer them. I walked out of the airport and entered my danfo to Oshodi as I cannot come and go and kill myself. I have also boarded a train, I'd write on that soon. Have you ever boarded a flight? How was your first experience?

You want to know about my deal with EbonyLife, right? Always check your mail. That's all I can say.


  1. Nice one dear. I was scared days before my first flight experience. Till few minutes after the craft took off. I could only take my mind off my fears by reminding myself of God's promises. Eventually, I found myself writing about the flight experience until we landed. Sosoliso and Dana stories wee nor kee somebori shaa😂

    1. 😂. Reminding yourself of God's promises. You shall not die, but live my sister. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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