Tuesday Motivation: What's Up With Your Personal Hustle?

So, what's up with your  personal hustle?

How are you guys doing? I don't even understand my life anymore, but God dey. My post about Lekki Consevation Centre  got a lot of views. Thanks people, keep supporting. Let's hope today is going to be very productive.

Straight to the matter, I had a conversation with a boss and he was like "Nobody should say anybody is using anybody because everything you do is for your growth".

While I agree with him to an extent, I disagree too. See, people use people. A lot of organisations employ people especially corpers and use the hell out of them. They pay as low as #15,000 and they don't even allow the corpers to breath in. If the corper decides to go for CDS, the Oga/Madam, will start complaining. When you were requesting for corpers, what were you expecting? If you need people to slave for you, get full-time staff, pay them well and watch them help you grow your business.

If you put your whole mind working for someone without thinking of how to develop yourself and your personal hustle, you are so wrong. Abraham Kola-Amodu will say "If you have a 9-5 job, you need a side hustle". Some even have 8am and no closing time. Find time to work on your side hustle. I did not say you should not be serious with your work, but find time to do something with regards to your side hustle.

My friend Chisimdi and I planned to work on our hustle, we are writers. What are you planning with your friends? Take that bold step today, don't allow any employer stress you to the extent that you are too tired to do anything with regards to your side hustle again.

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