The Hangout With Gift: The Don'ts For The Guys

Hey guys, how are you doing?

This week has been a hell of a week. I honestly didn't know that I would even do this today. I recorded this podcast 3 weeks ago and the plan was to upload it on Friday. Okay, I wanted to upload yesterday, but I closed work by 11pm (Yeah, you read that right). I was so tired and I couldn't even turn my laptop on to write and upload.

So, I decided to write on Imagenaija now. I mean, I love Giftwogu's blog, but i paid for a domain name and my money cannot waka like that. I don't want to talk about the events surrounding this week that made it a really horrible one. It's a long post for Monday. Till then, follow this link to listen to episode 6 of my podcast "The Hangout With Gift". I talked about the Don'ts for the guys and i spilled fire.

I need someone to set a reminder for me. I have a lot of things to write for people, I'm too tired to write, but if i don't I'll be broke and broken soon. We've got bills to pay (this sounds so weird). How did I grow up quickly?

My novel SilverSpring is still available. You can order by sending a mail to or If you are owing me a review, send it to me so you can sleep well. Abi, don't you want to sleep well? Okay guys, see you later. Muah!


  1. I just listened and i couldn't stop laughing.


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