The Half-Baked Lawyer Series 1: Lunch Break For 1 Hour?

You want to go for lunch break for 1 hour? Are you okay?

Guys! It's been awhile. How are you guys doing? How have you guys been? We have a whole lot to talk about. What did i miss? What's going on with you guys?

I'm out of camp and i know I've been promising to post since like forever, but I'm here now. So, i have gist for you guys.

I work in a Law firm, you can call me a half-baked lawyer. I'm apparently counting down to the end of this service year and it's 9 months to go, i honestly can't wait. I don't want to be a lawyer or whatever, i just want to get done with this service year and move the hell on!

Last week, in all my glory i wore a very fine gown and i was ready for lunch only for one guy to stop me and start embarrassing me in front of the estate.
Me: Can i pass please
Guy: I want your number
Me: I'll give you next time
Guy: What if there isn't going to be a next time

After a lot of persuasion, i finally gave him the number. When i found out his name was Double Star. Double star how? Who still answers Double Star in 2018? From that moment on, i knew there is never going to be any hangout.

I went back to the office and uncle Double Star won't stop calling. I had to save his number so i can ignore the call because I'm finding it difficult to block his number from my phone. My prodigal phone (Story for another day) will not let me be great. I finally summoned courage and i told the guy to stop calling me because i don't like him. I know, but i had to be that blunt because i was tired of running out of the bathroom to pick the call of Double Star or Triple Thunder.

Back to my main gist. I was told that lunch break is not supposed to be up to 30 minutes. My people, how long should a lunch break be? You see this service year, it is already looking like something that will stress me. I have stressed myself a lot. From working as a Presenter in school to working as an Intern in a bank to working as a Sales Rep and Correspondent to a Magazine to working as a Content Manager in one of the biggest PR and Media houses in Lagos to this Law firm. I never planned to stress myself like this. I wanted a cool job where i can work, write my scripts and articles, write my exams and have fun, but reverse seems to be the case as i apparently have to work my ass off...

How long should a lunch break be? 1 hour? 30 minutes? 10 minutes? 5 minutes?

On a lighter note, i need all the writing deals i can get because this NYSC salary can't save a life. Biko, if you need awesome contents for your brand, i'm your girl. Script for movies, media, adverts or PR challenges, holla at me. Bye!


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