"I Want To Be Your Friend"

I usually don't watch football because of issues like this. So, yesterday I decided to watch Nigeria play against Croatia in this slaying jerseys, but my heart is broken already. Can you believe that ordinary Croatia beat us hands down? Everywhere has been paining me since yesterday. My chest, my chest, my heart, my head, name it.

Guys, how are you doing? My new series "The Half-Baked Lawyer Series" will come to an end next week because I don't work there anymore. Yeah, you heard that right.

Let's get straight to the matter. I want to know how people think it's cool to meet someone and straight up, you tell the person you want to be the person's "friend". Of course, we all know what the friend stands for. First off, why don't you have the balls to tell a girl you want to date her? That friend line is so old school. Please, don't say the person might really mean friendship. Biko, why do you want friendship and you are asking about my relationship status? How is it going to affect our new found friendship?

How do people meet someone and you are on Whatsapp that day saying "I hope you are not in a relationship, I want to be your friend". You don't know my middle name, you don't know where I am from, you don't know if I open my mouth when I sleep, but you are sure we can make this frienationship work, abi? You people should mind yourselves o. One even asked why i gave him my phone number when I am not interested in dating him. Please, don't ask me why  gave you my phone number. Why won't I give you my phone number? Do I know if you are friends or siblings with a good Nollywood producer? Do I know if you are a Nollywood producer or if you  will help me sell my script? Do I know if you are into PR or Advertising? Why won't I give you my number ni?

The fact that someone gave you a phone number doesn't mean that the person can see wife in you or husband in you. Once we know this, life will be better for all of us. I really don't know what I'm typing anymore. I guess my new found love for football has to go away. The relationship with Super Eagles is very abusive. I would stick to my writing and movies before I die because of ball.

Does giving out your phone number mean you are ready for a relationship?


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