Fun Things To Do At Lekki Conservation Centre

It's Monday and we are still holidaying, right? If you are in Lagos and you are totally bored, you can take a trip to Lekki Conservation Centre.

I visited Lekki Conservation Centre for the first time in March and I knew I would visit again. I visited again that month. My Lagos waka-waka partner Ucheoma Ahukanna (Senior) and I had been planning to visit LCC. The first time we were to go, she came to work with her slaying waka-waka clothes. She was on night duty that day, but Gift disappointed her. The next time, I decided that we must go. Excuses what? I decided to do this before she will abandon me finally and get herself a serious waka-waka partner.

The most fascinating thing about Lekki Conservation Centre is the canopy walkway. If you go to LCC without paying for the canopy walkway, what did you go there for?

Lekki Conservation Centre is not a zoo, it is a conservation centre. The animals are in their natural habitat. It gives you a sneak peek into what Lekki looked like before they filled everywhere with water and started building very expensive houses.

If you are visiting Lekki Conservation Centre, don't wear skirts except you don't have any intention to climb the tree house or the canopy walkway. If you don't, what are you going there for?
Don't take food there. Okay, the first time I went, while we were waiting for the tour guide to take us to the canopy walkway, a Monkey came from nowhere and collected a lady's popcorn and coke. Guess what the Monkey did, it consumed it. If you are not bringing food for the animals (they feed them though), just don't go there with food. The second time I visited, there was a party. To be on the safe side, don't take food or snacks except you want to have a picnic at the family park.

List Of Fun Things To Do At Lekki Conservation Centre
  1. Climb the canopy walkway. If you are scared of heights, don't!
  2. Get to the top of the tree house. You'd definitely feel like you have achieved something great.
  3. Take pictures of the animlas. I hope you see them.
  4. Go to the family park and relax.
  5. Take a lot of pictures of yourself to show children of anger.


Madam tour partner, come and complete the post in the comment section. Meanwhile, we plan on going to Tarkwa Bay soon. I can't wait for her to come back!

Have you visited Lekki Conservation Centre? Do you think it is overhyped?


  1. LoL, Madam Tour Partner indeed.

    Number 5 on Gift's list cannot be overemphasized, take as much pictures as you can because that place is really a sight.
    Wear very comfortable shoes.
    Try to go as before the sun starts to shine so hard.
    Keep all your fancy accessories inside your bag while climbing the canopy walkway or the treehouse because they fall into the swampy areas once they fall off.
    Also, all those people who go on the canopy walkway just to jump upandan and be scaring others, jisike.
    Don't forget to scribble something on the woods while you're in the treehouse ��

    Meanwhile Gift, its been how many years now since secondary school. Please leave senior alone, thank you.��


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