#BBNaija 2018: My Experience In The Big Brother Naija House Part 1

I am in the kitchen making pasta for breakfast. Pasta is not my favourite meal, but what can a girl do in South Africa? Other housemates are in the room, gisting, loving and having fun. The one I like in the house doesn’t like me, or so I think.

I feel someone’s arms round my waist. What? I am about to scream so Big Brother can summon the intruder. I turn, it’s Lolu. Lolu? The housemate  after my heart holding my waist? “What are you preparing?” The question is supposed to irritate me. I mean you can see the pack of Dangote Pasta on the working surface, but it’s Lolu so, it’s fine. “I’m making pasta”, I say. “Let me help you”. He helps me chop the onions, just the way I like it. “Oh my God! He even helps in the kitchen”. I am thinking aloud.

I start to make stew and Lolu is staring lovingly into my eyes. My thoughts drifts to when I first saw Lolu, it was definitely love at first sight. He was in my set and when he was introduced by Ebuka as an Investment Manager, I already saw brilliant kids. I am a media girl and Lolu is an Investment Manager. Tobi is cute and all, but Lolu gives me the feels.

My mind drifts back to Lolu, my knight in glittering armour standing right by my side. He is still looking into my eyes. “Do you like pepper?” he asks , removing a thread on my weave. “Yes, I do.” I add curry and thyme.

I can hear Miracle and Nina’s voice, somewhere in the room. They are giggling romantically. I really don’t care about them though. The only fun part is they make the house interesting.
“I liked you the first time I saw you”, Lolu says. Liked? I was expecting to hear love. Like is not enough boo, I see our cute kids running all over the place. I say that in my mind though. Lolu leans…

To be continued
  Culled from Giftwogu's blog


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