So, I said to him , 'You are married?' and he...

I met this man at Rumours Club, Victoria Island when I went for a friend's birthday party. I was really in the party mood, I was really dancing. When I decided to chill, he came over and we got talking. We talked about a lot of things including his job, he even showed me his page on Intsagram and I was very impressed. However, we didn't talk about his relationship or anything, I thought he was a single guy ready to mingle.

He started sweet-talking o. Uncle started with the 'Baby, I will take care of you' line. I told him I'm a student and all, he said he didn't mind at all. We exchanged numbers and called it a day.

Time rolled by and we got talking seriously. He asked me out and I told him i'll think about it. I always love viewing people's WhatsApp stories. One beautiful day, he updated a picture of a baby boy. My FBI spirit was activated immediately.  I didn't ask if he was married, I just said 'so, you are married?' The lover man was speechless. I asked when he planned to tell me, he said he was going to tell me. Dude, when? Seriously, I didn't know he was married, I didn't smell marriage on him at all. Thank God for saving me because I'm sure if I didn't find out, he was never going to tell me.

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