Robbery in Lagos Traffic: Five Safety Tips

The sub heading of this article is no longer news to us as  people are robbed in Lagos every day. These robbers disguised as passers-by or roadside traders make away with valuable properties.
According to an eye-witness, someone was robbed yesterday along Oshodi-Apapa expressway. This kind of robbery is rampant in places where we have terrible gridlock. Places like Oshodi-Apapa expressway (around Mile 2), Lagos-Badagry expressway (around Fin-Niger), the Third Mainland Bridge and so on experience this kind of robbery.

Most of the robbers snatch bags and phones via the window. Some even go as far as bringing out sharp objects from their pockets to injure their victims or break the windscreen. Arrgh, Lagos!

To curb this robbery,  Imagenaija has come up with five safety tips for us.

·         If you are sitting close to the window in a bus, do not bring out your phone

·         If you are driving in traffic, make sure your glasses are up. If they are down, make sure your devices are safe.

·         If you have a car, make sure your devices are in your boot. These robbers are violent, they can destroy your glass

·         If you are walking, hold your bag very tight. Make sure your bag is by your left if cars are moving on your right.

·         Do not make calls while walking at night. Keep your devices safe.#

Extra tip: Make sure you try to get home early if it’s within your power. Stay safe, it’s ember period.


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