Imagenaija Reader Shares His Experience With Slave Recruiters In Saudia Arabia and Qatar

The slave trade story has been trending as various celebrities have lent their voices  to the issue.

It is pertinent to note that this slave trade is not only prominent in Libya, but most Arabians are now sliding into the dms of Nigerians to ask them if they are interested in slave trade.

An imagenaija reader shared screenshots of his conversation with an Arabian who claims he is looking for slaves to work in Qatar and Saudia Arabia. According to this Arabian, he wants our reader to provide slaves.

Is slave trade back? Are we moving forward or backwards? Is the racism ever going to end? Many people have defined the slave trade in various ways. According to Singer Eldee, it's present in Nigeria too. He feels you are involved in slave trade if...

What do you think guys?


  1. Modern slavery, it's EVERYWHERE only that Libya might be on top of the league. What world!

  2. Seriously, slavery in 2017 is inconceivable


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